Rachael Bebe is a specialist in natural effect eyebrows. Eyebrow microblading, feathering or hair stroke eyebrow tattooing. It looks like real hair and is excellent for enhancing faded, patchy and thin eyebrows, or creating those designer brows you've always wanted.

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Eyeliner Tattoo Salon in MT Eliza

Have perfect wings all day every day with our eyeliner tattoo treatments

If we had a dollar for every minute we’ve spent in front of the mirror, tediously trying to get our eyeliner to look the same on both eyelids, we would be sailing on a yacht off the coast of Santorini! You can imagine the buzz at Cosmetic Tattoos by Rach when we got our hands on the amazing permanent eyeliner tattoo technology!

There is a whole lot of amazingness that transpires after an eyeliner tattoo treatment from Cosmetic Tattoos by Rach. Firstly, you’ll wake up with fresh eyeliner each morning, ready to go! Thus, saving you at least 10 minutes in front of the mirror.

Secondly, eyeliner tattoo treatment is also cost-effective! Your back pocket will praise you, once you no longer have to fork out anywhere between $10 to $60 every time your eyeliner pencil runs out!

Thirdly, with your spare 10 minutes, you’ll have more time to do the things you love like exercise or… Just kidding! 10 minutes is plenty of time to squeeze in an episode (or two!) of the latest thing you’re binging on Netflix!

Fixing cosmetic concerns for over 17 years

  • Your lips are uneven
  • Your lips are terribly lined
  • Your lips are thin
  • You love to get full lips
  • You have allergies
  • You have faint eyebrows
  • You have no eyebrows
  • You are sick of smudging make-up
  • Too busy to apply make-up
  • Lack of confidence
  • You want to look and feel better
  • Your brows are sparse
  • Sick of seeing old in the mirror
  • Skin is looking old
  • Poor vision
  • Ageing

Let us know if you have any questions or have any concerns via [email protected].

Eye Liner Tattooing

 I believe this is what every woman should have. The colour that is applied around the eyes makes your eyes pop with colour, and they seriously come to life. This new splash of colour around your eyes is a very easy trick to make you appear younger. The colour will fade quite a bit before I see you again in 6 weeks, then I will redeposit more colour to make sure it lasts the 2-3 years. 

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Have the eyeliner you deserve at $550 for thicker upper eyeliner, $440 if you want a natural eyeliner, $300 for the lower eyeliner. If you have  your lower eyeliner tattooed at the same time as the upper eyeliner, then the  price of the lower eyeliner is just $100. (special price)

Eyebrow Tattoos

One of our most popular services, we have provided cosmetic eyebrow tattooing solutions for thousands of clients.

Eyebrow Feathering

Eyebrow feathering cosmetic tattoo will last approximately 12 months with colours ranging from dark blonde to dark brown.

Microblading Eyebrows

Our microblading eyebrow service use a revolutionary pigment implant, shaping technique to make your brows look natural, beautiful, and full.

How do they tattoo eyeliner?

All forms of permanent makeup are technically classified as a tattoo. In other words, they involve implanting colour into your skin with a tiny needle. As for whether it’s really permanent, the short answer is no. Permanent eyeliner isn’t going to wash off with the rest of your makeup at night, but it will gradually fade away within a year or two. If we’re getting nit-picky, we’d say that semi-permanent is probably a better description.

If you’re wondering why permanent eyeliner eventually fades out but regularly tattoos last for years, the reason is that the colour embedding doesn’t go nearly as deep into your skin. Only the top surface layers are coloured. This is the same process you see with microbladed brows, as well, which also fade.

As for the actual process of applying tattooed eyeliner, your artist will clean the area with an eye-approved antibacterial and then apply a numbing cream to help reduce discomfort. Then micro-droplets of coloured pigments are inserted between your lashes and under the skin with a special tool. Sometimes this process is done over several passes, or it can be done over several appointments to monitor the colour absorption.


This technique mimics the ‘effect’ you achieve when you use a eyebrow powder or pencil. It adds depth, definition, and results in a more ‘made up’ look.


Similar to powder eyebrow tattoo Ombre eyebrows technique gives you a softer natural ombre effect to bring out those beautiful facial features.


We also do color & tattoo correction procedures. We add color selection and pigments to match every skin tone and undertones to make sure you get the result you want.

More defined eyes makes a difference to your whole face

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, so bring out their natural beauty with this simple face-defining procedure. Choose a soft eyelash enhancement or a more defined liner that makes your peepers pop.

You can choose to have eyelash enhancement which is a series of dots in the lash line to create the appearance of more lashes or choose to have a thin eyeliner for a natural definition or create a stronger thicker look to give the appearance of liquid eyeliner. It is up to you to have top, bottom or both top and bottom enhancement or eyeliner. There is a choice of pigment colour options-not just black. There are shades of brown, ebony and grey to suit all ages and styles, of course, you can always have black!

Do tattoo on eyeliner hurt?

We know what you’re thinking. A tattoo? On my eye? Thank you, next. Surprisingly though, tattooed eyeliner doesn’t cause as much pain as you might expect, especially if you’ve hired a solid artist.

Once the tattoo artist starts the tattoo process, the client will feel a vibration. There is no bleeding and no swelling. Most clients are surprised, as they expect the discomfort to be much higher. Also, more numbing agents are added throughout the procedure to keep the entire process comfortable.

Afterward, a thin coat of eye ointment is applied to the area and then you can get on with your day. Though there’s little downtime, aftercare is still pretty important. You shouldn’t expose the area to water for about a week, and that eye makeup should be avoided or kept to a minimum. For example, you’ll want to use non-waterproof mascara only on the tips of your lashes.

Perfect Liner Everyday

The Process

The skin is fine, some ladies skin is more fragile than others naturally, and because this is applied around your eyes ....what happens if they slip into you eye? Seriously..... this is a no brainier just choose an experienced cosmetic tattooist if it matters (and it should). So as an artist I need to take into account your skin and heritage.. yep where you are from (originally) can affect the colour that is used. 

How you may say? Well once the pigment hits the skin it mixes with it, therefore the colour can change, sometime a blue base is thrown (it fades out to be more blue than black for instance).  When I started tattooing 16 years ago this was a chemical reaction I had to counteract or overcome with cosmetic tattooing to ensure it won’t happen (go blue that is). But today the pigments are so much more advanced this has already been taken into account when the formula was created.... but there are still ladies and skin types that will contradict this, and fortunately, us oldies (old cosmetic tattooists) out of habit still look for these traits in skin types when consulting with our client on Eyeliner Tattooing.

Naturally it’s a given that a finer, older more mature skin type needs to be treated differently that a youthful young plump skin, so agin ladies I urge you if you are over 45 sadly (I think that’s about the age I am noticing differences in the skin) you really need someone who is more qualified to treat your delicate skin. 

Why what can happen? If your skin is fine and delicate and ageing the upper eyeliner tattooing needs to use a different needle configuration, speed and technique, or the skin can be lacerated, the colour can migrate under the skin, the skin can be so damaged it will cause internal scarring. 

A topical numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to your treatment, this actually ensures maximum comfort throughout your procedure which really should take about 20-40 mins total. Yes the eyeliner tattooing procedure is very quick with minimal trauma and little to no downtime.

It’s also important to recognise hygiene especially during this unknown stage of COVID-19. I would imagine that all cosmetic tattooist use best hygiene practises, but this will also differ from salon to salon, therapist to therapist etc

I can only speak for myself but these are my reviews hygiene practises to ensure corona virus is not contacted in my salon during your cosmetic tattoo procedure.

All prevention methods I have implemented are on and above my normal salon ethics, and minimising your touch points as a client.

The gate and door handle is spray with antibacterial spray before and after each client. Surfaces like the chair, iPad, table, mirror, camera, payment system will all be sterilised before each client. Naturally I wear gloves and protective face gear and as always will sterilise my hands before touching you. Protective tapes will be applied before and after each client.  The floor will be sterilised daily now, using antibacterial spray and the heater will be left in in the salon by night at 30 degrees (thus making  COVID-19 ) less able to survive. You will be offered a mask and gloves if you would like to wear them (I would be most happy if you accept) Pretty certain with these measures you are very safe.


Getting an eyeliner tattoo means never having to fuss with eyeliner again; you can just get up, go and be confident it always looks good!


Imagine not having worry about reapplying lipstick all over again! The perfection in shape, color with our lip tattoo, colour and fill cosmetic tattoo services.


Full lip colour tattoo is one of out most popular permanent makeup services and can change the size and shape of the lips.

Our Mission

Here at Cosmetic Tattoos by Rach, our mission is simple – we want to help each and every woman who we meet look and feel the way that she wants.

Through our microblading, eyebrow tattoo, and women’s beauty services, we continuously work to provide women with a viable solution that saves them time preparing themselves in the morning, ultimately allowing them to feel more confident in their natural looks. Each and every day, our team works diligently to see this mission through with every client whom we serve.

Our Vision

We like to envision ourselves as more than a microblading studio. In our eyes, we’re beauty experts who have spent years working together to find new ways of helping women achieve the look that works for them.

We understand that no two women are ever the same, which means that their definition of beauty will always differ. For that very reason, we’re proud to deliver personalized service specifically designed to deliver the right result for the right person.

How long do eyeliner tattoos last?

Permanent makeup, including tattooed eyeliner, looks best for about one year. Depending on how well your eye holds the colour, it can last for up to two to three years before you have to start worrying about touch-ups. (All the more reason to hire a really amazing artist. More on that soon).

Over time, the colour will naturally fade down and evenly until the molecules all dissipate and you can do it again. Once faded, it [might] look like a soft greyish colour.

Like everything in the beauty world, permanent eyeliner requires some upkeep if you want to maintain the look. You’ll likely need to go for touch-ups at a rate of about once every year or so. Note that things like after-care (such as not getting your skin wet), general lifestyle factors, diet, skin care products, meds, and sun exposure all play a role in fading. Your tech can walk you through how to properly tend to your permanent eyeliner to help make it last.

The Aftercare

Your aftercare is also very simple with eyeliner tattooing, no mascara, eye makeup for 4 days during which you will be applying the smallest amount of cream to protect the area from infection and to ensure best healing. Your eyes will feel like crying eyes for about 4 hrs.... no biggy, they will feel swollen on day 1, but... this is it, so easy.

I will make an appointment with you for 6 weeks, to go over the cosmetic tattoo and deposit more colour to ensure it will last for 2-3 years, due to internal healing of this treatment I do not recommend doing the perfection stage any earlier than 6 weeks.

Enjoy the freedom of having this beautifully applied makeup day and night

Who wouldn’t have cosmetic tattooing performed, sadly if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, under 18, are diabetic, have heart issues and a few other more rare health conditions?

Warning though, cosmetic tattooing and the ease it offers, the way it makes you feel fabulous... it’s addictive.


Have you ever wondered how Cosmetic Tattooing would suit you, how it would actually look on your face?

Simply send me a clear face selfie, I will draw up New Eyebrows on your pic then send it back for you to visualize the amazing result of Microblading, Powder, Ombré or Combo Brows.

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