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Microblading Vs Tattoo Eyebrows – Which Should You Choose?

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    The arch of the brow is an necessary component in the overall attractiveness of the face. Eyes are brought to the forefront of attention while the upper part of your face is beautifully framed by the brows, which can vary in shape, fullness, and symmetry. Microblading is a form of eyebrow enhancement that does not require major surgery. If you have sparse or patchy eyebrows, this treatment may be right for you.

    The popular eyebrow augmentation method known as microblading improves the thickness, shape, and definition of the brows. Microblading has been increasingly popular in recent years. Microblading simulates natural eyebrow hair by depositing colour into the next dermal layer of the skin with a specialised hand-held tool. This produces fine strokes that give the impression of natural eyebrow hair.

    You've absolutely heard about microblading by this point, even if you've been hiding out under a rock for the past several weeks; it's sort of like a newer, semi-permanent version of eyebrow tattoos. They are not the stamped-on brows that other old women had; rather, the delicate, ultra-fine hair strokes make the brows appear natural and lifelike in a manner that the first-generation versions never did. Because of its recent rise in popularity, microblading has given rise to two new techniques: micro feathering and micro shading. These techniques allow you to achieve a variety of distinct brow looks, depending on your own preferences. The following is a difference of the two, along with an explanation of how the differences will impact you.

    Reason To Get Done Brows

    The brows complete the overall appearance of the cosmetics by lending the face a particular definition as well as an additional depth. In the past two years, thick eyebrows have emerged as a major trend, and all women have begun to prefer them to the wacky thin eyebrows that were popular in the 1960s. Some women turn to microblading or brow tattooing to fill in thin brow hair.

    eyeliner tattoo

    What Exactly Is Microblading?

    This treatment is ideal for women who want reshaped, fuller brows. The procedure is performed by an expert in a salon, and it entails the use of needles on top of the client's skin by trained personnel. When doing microblading, a sharp and one-of-a-kind blade instrument is used. This tool transfers colour to your skin's second layer.

    Microblading deposits colour into the skin using a super-fine pen with 14 to 17 needles. Because of the tip's delicacy, you can mimic actual hair. The semi-permanent aspect of the procedure is also due to the needles' shallow penetration. Consider each stroke a paper cut. Your brow artist might numb the region beforehand if it hurts. Yes, it hurts. Betsy Shuki, a cosmetic brow expert and artist who offers microblading eyebrow tattoo services, claims "microblading creates a very natural look and better resembles hair" Ms. Shuki said so.

    They will form a thin line that is straight across your eyebrow, and in a few simple movements, they will replicate the natural contour. Every line in your brow will be drawn by hand by a brow artist, so it won't bleed out over time. When you are finished, the result will last you between 8 and 16 months. After that, you will need to have some minor adjustments made to them.

    Expect to pay anywhere from $700 to $1,500 for a great job, but prices might vary widely depending on the artist's location and level of experience. During the first few days, plan around your brows. Shuki recommends cleaning your eyebrows with distilled water on a cotton pad the day after microblading and using aftercare lotion every four hours. On the following day, carry out the instruction three times. This should be done morning and night for the next five days. Because the region around your brows may be scabbing and red, you should attempt to avoid scheduling significant events (such as a major job interview or engagement photos) for the first week or two after the procedure. "Also, refrain from going to the gym; any excessive sweating behind the eyebrows will inhibit pigment retention and can cause infection," adds Shuki. "Also, avoid tanning beds."

    What Exactly Is Permanent Brow Is All About?

    The art of brow tattoo is quite similar to that of traditional tattooing. In this method, the cosmetologist taps the skin with needles. The tapping motions will cause the needles to go deeper into the skin. They will proceed to transfer the ink onto the skin in this manner, which will result in a more long-lasting mark.

    When you want to produce thickness and fullness in the centre of your brow, brow tattooing is typically a smart choice. However, brow tattooing is not recommended when you want to define your brows. In addition, eyebrows that are tattooed will serve you for the rest of your life (as a typical tattoo would). When it comes to tattooing your brows, there are three distinct textures from which you can select the one that best suits your preferences.

    Microblading Vs. Eyebrow Tattoos:

    The Result Has a Natural Appearance

    In comparison to eyebrow tattooing, which leaves the brows seeming "drawn on" and unnaturally flat, the microblading procedure yields a finish that is more natural. This is because the microblading procedure makes individual strokes that look like hair and follow the same pattern of hair growth as the surrounding eyebrow hair. If you have a skilled professional perform your microblading procedure, the treated areas can be made to look like a denser version of the natural brow hair.

    Microblading is a form of eyebrow cosmetic tattooing that does not place ink as deeply into the skin as a traditional eyebrow cosmetic tattoo does, hence the results do not last as long. This implies that the ink will gradually rise to the surface of your skin or move about underneath your skin in such a way that it will seem lighter as your skin goes through its natural cycles. When opposed to an eyebrow tattoo, the ink will fade dramatically over the course of time. Depending on the skin type you have, it can go away over time. Microblading requires regular touchups.

    3d eyebrow feathering

    Pigment Vs. Ink

    When getting eyebrows tattooed, traditional tattoo ink is used, but microblading calls for a specialist pigment. The rate at which ink and pigment lose its colour over time is a major point of differentiation between the two. When tattoo ink begins to fade, it will frequently take on a bluish-green hue, particularly in the areas closest to the edges of the tattoo. Because of this, some people end up with eyebrows of strange colours, which frequently have the appearance of having been drawn on with a marker.

    Microblading pigment, on the other hand, is made to gradually lighten into a shade that is closer to the original colour. This allows the patient to keep their natural appearance after treatment. Microblading uses a different ink than traditional tattooing. Darker colours won't turn blue or brown with microblading. The primary colour remains even as it fades.

    Semi-Permanent Vs. Permanent

    Permanent makeup is required for eyebrow tattoos. Once tattooed, the ink is permanent (although undesirable fading of the ink, as mentioned above, is possible). Microblading is not at all like this at all because the results of microblading often last anywhere from six months to a year. If the patient of microblading chooses to keep their enhanced brows, they can do so by undergoing simple "touch up" treatments once per year. Microblading is a form of semipermanent makeup that gives patients the option to alter the appearance of their eyebrows in accordance with shifting fashions.


    The process of getting a tattoo can be quite uncomfortable at times, particularly when the ink is applied to a sensitive area such as the face. The microblading procedure causes significantly less discomfort than other methods, particularly if lidocaine is applied to the brow region before to the treatment. The majority of patients report that the sensation of microblading is comparable to that of tweezing.

    Every woman desires to get through this procedure without experiencing any discomfort. Despite the fact that in some situations, such as this one, it is not possible to do so, you can still select the alternative that best suits you. During the procedure of microblading, the esthetician will apply a topical anaesthetic to your brow, which will numb it and prevent you from feeling any pain. A tattoo artist is also responsible for doing the same thing.

    Which Method Is Best For You?

    It is in everyone's best interest to go over the procedure in detail with their technician or an expert. However, ladies who have skin that is extremely sensitive should avoid either of these two alternatives in almost all circumstances. In addition, women who have delicate or thin skin are more likely to sustain skin wounds than other women. They run the risk of having their brows become smeared or blotchy , in addition to perhaps being scarred.

    In addition to the risk of injury, it is of the utmost significance to establish a financial plan and to be aware of personal preferences. The tattoed ones are going to be the most appealing to a person's taste if they prefer their brows to be dark, full, and notably filled in the middle. Microblading is a great choice for women who want their brows to look more natural and understated.

    • The cost of having tattooed eyebrows can range anywhere from $350 to $550.
    • Prices for microblading can range anywhere from $450 all the way up to $880.

    Microblading vs. Tattooing Eyebrows

    The option of whether to get your eyebrows tattooed or microbladed comes down to a matter of personal preference. In spite of this, we hope that the information that we provided in the guide that was just presented to you is sufficient to make the choice that much simpler. If you're looking for further inspiration, why not check out our posts on the aftercare for eyelash extensions and the treatment of eyebrows with powder while you're here?

    Frequently Asked Questions About Microblading And Brow Tattoo

    Results from microblading typically don't last as long as those produced by permanent makeup applied using a machine. A depth that is about similar to a dime is where the pigment is deposited in the dermal layer of the skin. Knowing exactly where you are placing the pigment in order to maintain those crisp hair strokes is a very vital element to take into consideration.

    • Threading the Eyebrows: When it comes to brow maintenance, most people agree that threading is one of the safest procedures available.
    • Microblading is a sort of eyebrow tattooing procedure in which very thin needles with delicate points are used to implant semi-permanent pigment into your skin using very fine and feathery strokes. Microblading is also known as hair stroke tattooing.

    A very natural looking brow can be achieved using a hand-held tool, creating many hair-like impressions by implanting pigment strokes under the skin. Microblading is meant to replace individual hairs, not to fill your brows to look like they're filled in with pencil or shadow. Pros: Microbladed brows look very natural.

    To put it simply, no. Even when it appears that your entire brow needs to be reshaped, it does not appear that semi-permanent brow procedures have any kind of lasting effect on the way your natural hair grows. Although there are some factors to take into account, we will go into more detail about these factors in the following section.

    The results of microblading might last anywhere from one to three years, depending on how well your skin maintains colour after the procedure. It is imperative that you opt with a treatment that is not as permanent, especially considering the fact that your face will alter as you get older. Therefore, it's possible that the eyebrows you draw on now won't look quite correct in another 12 years.

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