can microblading be customised to suit different face shapes

Can Microblading Be Customised To Suit Different Face Shapes?

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    Discovering the key to perfect eyebrows is becoming an art form, while microblading is a game-changer in semi-permanent makeup. 

    With more and more people looking for ways to improve their appearance, the question that comes to mind is: Is it possible to tailor microblading to fit diverse facial shapes? 

    This enquiry goes to the core of individualised cosmetic treatments, highlighting the significance of customising microblading techniques to match the specific features of every face. 

    Microblading is a technique that uses the exact application of colour to mimic the effect of hair strokes, and it is often compared to eyebrow embroidery. To get harmonic and artistically beautiful outcomes, it is essential to investigate how this procedure can be adjusted to different face shapes. 

    Microblading is a game-changer for achieving facial symmetry and personalised beauty, but only if you know how to work with different face shapes.

    Considerations Before Choosing Microblading Shapes

    Choosing a microblading style can be challenging; it's especially important to consider how different styles will look on different skin tones and face shapes.

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    Consider Your Face Shape

    Your facial shape is the primary factor in determining the best microblading style for you. For example, a square or round face is enhanced by arched brows, whereas straight brows enhance a heart or oval face.

    Consider Your Skin Tone

    A person's skin tone is one factor that determines the kind of microblading that will seem best on them. For instance, if your skin tone is pale, you might not want to go for bold, black eyebrow designs because they might look too harsh. Instead, choose a brow style that blends in better.

    Consider Your Existing Lifestyle

    Consider your lifestyle when choosing a microblading style. For individuals who like to wear minimal makeup, a brow style that appears natural can be the perfect option. On the other hand, if you enjoy trying out different cosmetic looks, a strong & defined brow design can be better for you.

    Eyebrow Microblading Shapes

    The ideal microblading eyebrow form is the one that complements your facial characteristics and fits your face shape.

    Collaborating with a skilled microblading artist who can craft a personalised form that complements your features is essential for discovering the ideal microblading eyebrow shape.

    Eyebrow Shapes For An Oval Face

    Shape face eyebrows are a great complement to an oval face. How exactly do these appear?

    Prominent cheekbones and a slightly wider forehead and chin characterise an oval face with harmonious proportions.

    When styling eyebrows for an oval face, it's important to remember the facial structure's inherent balance and harmony.

    For an oval face, a gentle arched brow accentuating the brow bone arch is a lovely choice. 

    Without drawing too much attention to yourself, this shape will bring out your best characteristics.

    Eyebrow Shapes For A Round Face

    The objective for those with round faces is to make the face look longer and more balanced. For a round face, the ideal eyebrow shape is a high arching brow with a pointed tip.

    A higher arch will make your face look longer and more proportionate by drawing the eye upward.

    Avoid a rounder eyebrow shape to keep your face's natural curves.

    Square Face Eyebrow Shapes

    A square face has a strong, angular jawline and a wide forehead. A gently curved brow shape is a great choice to soften the sharp angles of a square face.

    The brow should be thicker at the start and gradually taper towards the end. Avoid a straight, flat eyebrow shape, as this will only emphasise the squareness of your face.

    Shapes Of The Heart, Face, And Eyebrows

    Broad cheekbones, a thin, pointed chin, and a broader forehead characterise a heart-shaped face. One can achieve a more feminine and harmonious facial proportion by shaping the eyebrows in a heart shape.

    A heart-shaped face looks lovely with a gentle, arched brow that is either slightly arched or has a rounded form. 

    A softer arch can soften a heart-shaped face, pointed chin, and wide forehead.

    Eyebrow Shapes For Long Faces

    If your face is long, the objective is to make it seem shorter by making your forehead wider and achieving a balanced facial proportion.

    A slightly arched, slightly curved brow is a lovely choice for a long face. 

    Put the arch closer to the middle of your face for a wider-looking forehead.

    Please avoid a straight, flat brow contour; it will make your face look even longer.

    Shapes Of Diamond Eyebrows

    Wide cheekbones and a small forehead characterise a diamond face. Shaping the eyebrows in a diamond pattern to bring out the best in the client's natural facial features.

    A diamond face with a gentle, arched or rounded, soft brow looks lovely. The brow should be fuller in the inner corner & thinner towards the tail for a more proportional appearance.

    Eyebrow Shapes For A Pear-Shaped Face

    A narrow forehead and wide jawline define a pear-shaped face. 

    Microblading artists advise a fuller brow shape in the outer corners and thin out in the middle and tail to counteract this form. 

    This gives a more balanced face shape and impression.

    Avoid an arch or thick brows if you want to keep your jawline from looking even wider.

    Face Eyebrow Shapes With An Inverted Triangle

    A small jawline and a broader forehead characterise the inverted triangle facial shape.

    The best microblading brow shape with this face shape would be one with a prominent arch, as it would balance out the features of the forehead and jawline while drawing attention to the centre of the face.

    If your jawline is already narrow, a somewhat thick set of eyebrows will help to soften its appearance.

    Also, ensure your brows aren't too rounded; it will draw attention upward and make your face look wider.

    Eyebrow Shaping Suggestions

    Some suggestions for microblading different eyebrow shapes:

    Think About Your Face Shape

    Thinking about your facial structure and the bones in your face will help you choose the ideal eyebrow form. What works for one individual might not be appropriate for another.

    Use An Experienced Microblading Artist

    Because of the technique's sensitivity, microblading is best left to trained professionals. To get a shape that complements your features, consult a professional microblading artist.

    Make Contact With Your Artist 

    To get the most out of microblading, open communication is essential. Contact your artist, tell them what you hope to achieve, and be receptive to their advice.

    Take Into Account Your Natural Brow Shape

    Microblading works best when it mimics your natural brow shape. The artist will consider your existing brow form when shaping your new brows to complement your face.

    Choose A Natural Look

    One common goal of microblading is to create the illusion of naturally thicker eyebrows. You can accentuate your facial characteristics and look younger and more revitalised with a delicate, natural-looking brow.

    Aftercare for Microblading Eyebrows

    If you want your microbladed eyebrows to heal well and keep their gorgeous form and colour, you must follow the recommended aftercare procedures.

    After getting microbladed eyebrows, here are some things to keep in mind:

    • Stay away from water for the first ten days while your eyebrows heal. Staying out of pools, saunas, & steam rooms is part of this. Dye fading and blurring can be brought about by moisture.
    • Keep your fingers off your eyebrows. The pigment may peel off too soon, which might result in scarring.
    • Stick to the instructions when applying the ointment. Your aftercare artist will give you a microblading ointment to apply to your eyebrows. Be sure to follow their recommendations to the letter for a speedy recovery.
    • Stay away from the sun. The pigment can lose its vibrancy or even change colour when exposed to sunlight. To avoid damaging your eyebrows, wear a helmet or use sunscreen.
    • Keep your eyebrows and the space around them free of cosmetics and skincare products. Cleansers, toners, and moisturisers for the face are all part of this category. Do not apply these products until your eyebrows have completely healed.
    • Do not engage in any physical activity that makes you sweat excessively. This encompasses vigorous physical activity and heated yoga. Fading or fading of the colour might occur due to sweat.

    Follow these upkeep guidelines to keep the form and colour of your microbladed eyebrows after they heal.

    If you want your microblading to heal properly, you must adhere to your artist's instructions to the letter.

    With the right maintenance, your newly waxed eyebrows will look great for months—if not years!

    Avoid These Microblading Errors To Get The Ideal Brows

    While the results of microblading can be gorgeous and long-lasting, individuals make a few frequent blunders when getting microblading.

    Here are some examples of mistakes and ways to avoid them:

    Choosing The Incorrect Shape

    One of the most common microblading faux pas is picking the incorrect eyebrow shape.

    Pick a form that matches your best features and accentuates your facial shape.

    The remedy is to talk to your microblading artist and read up on the procedure before you have it done.

    Ensure you're satisfied with the end product by consulting with your artist about which face shape will work best for you.

    Going Too Deep

    Getting the shade of black too dark is another typical microblading faux pas.

    Although a daring, dramatic style may be appealing, selecting a shade that harmonises with your hair and skin tone is wise.

    If you choose a very black shade, it could seem too harsh and unnatural for your face.

    The remedy is to consult your microblading artist about your colour possibilities and pick a shade that harmonises with your skin tone and hair colour.

    Your artist is a great resource if you want advice on which colours will gradually fade.

    can microblading be customised to suit different face shapes 2

    Failure To Provide Adequate Aftercare

    A successful microblading technique relies on thorough post-treatment care. Inadequate healing, infection, and even uneven pigment retention might occur from not following correct aftercare procedures.

    Many people make the mistake of wetting their eyebrows too quickly, picking or clawing off the scabs, or leaving their eyebrows exposed to direct heat or sunshine.

    The answer is simple: Do what your microblading artist says to do following the procedure.

    Insufficient Research

    It would help if you only had microblading done by a qualified professional with experience, a valid licence, and a portfolio of previous successful treatments. 

    Negative outcomes or potential health hazards may ensue from neglecting to do so.

    Find a microblading artist that fits the above descriptions by doing background reading. If you want to know how skilled and experienced the artist is, seek reviews, testimonials, and before and after images.

    Being Overly Stingy

    Lastly, being overly sparse is a typical blunder while getting microblading done.

    You get what you decide to pay for, so resist the urge to choose the least expensive choice.

    Some examples of this behaviour include going to sketchy salons on the cheap, not using the cream frequently enough, not purchasing sunscreen, and not getting your microblading touched up. 

    Remember that microblading is a long-term commitment; proper aftercare is essential for optimal results and pigment retention.

    In the long term, you will spend more money on operations to fix or redo your eyebrows if you compromise on services and aftercare.


    Microblading, a technique that mimics the effect of hair strokes, is becoming increasingly popular for achieving facial symmetry and personalized beauty. However, it is crucial to consider the specific features of each face shape when choosing a microblading style. Factors such as facial shape, skin tone, and lifestyle can influence the best microblading style.

    For oval faces, a gentle arched brow accentuating the brow bone arch is a great choice. Round faces should opt for a high arching brow with a pointed tip to make the face look longer and more balanced. Square faces should opt for a gently curved brow shape to soften the sharp angles of their face.

    It is essential to work with a skilled microblading artist to create a personalized form that complements your features. By understanding these factors, you can create a unique and artistically beautiful microblading experience that suits your unique features.

    Microblading eyebrow shapes can be influenced by various factors such as face shape, length, and shape. Heart-shaped faces have broad cheekbones, a thin, pointed chin, and a broader forehead, while long faces have a wider forehead and a balanced facial proportion.

    Diamond faces have wide cheekbones and a small forehead, while pear-shaped faces have a narrow forehead and wide jawline. For pear-shaped faces, a fuller brow shape in the outer corners and thinner in the middle and tail is recommended. Inverted triangle faces have a small jawline and a broader forehead, with a prominent arch and thick eyebrows.

    Open communication with the artist is essential for the best results. Microblading works best when it mimics the natural brow shape, and a natural look is often desired to accentuate facial characteristics and look younger. Overall, microblading can help create a more balanced and natural appearance.

    Microblading eyebrows require proper aftercare to maintain their form and color. To ensure a quick recovery, stay away from water for the first ten days, keep your fingers off your eyebrows, follow the instructions when applying the microblading ointment, stay away from the sun, keep your eyebrows and surrounding area free of cosmetics and skincare products, and avoid excessive sweating.

    To achieve the ideal eyebrows, avoid common mistakes such as choosing the incorrect shape, going too deep, failing to provide adequate aftercare, insufficient research, and being overly stingy. Consult your microblading artist about your desired color options and avoid using cheap or sketchy salons.

    Find a qualified professional with experience, a valid license, and a portfolio of previous successful treatments. Look for reviews, testimonials, and before and after images to determine the artist's expertise.

    Lastly, be cautious of being overly sparse when getting microblading, as you get what you pay for. Avoid compromising on services and aftercare, as it is a long-term commitment that will result in more expensive eyebrow surgery in the long run. By following these guidelines, you can ensure your microblading eyebrows look great for months or even years.

    Content Summary

    • Microblading is revolutionizing the world of semi-permanent makeup in Australia.
    • Tailoring microblading to suit diverse face shapes is a crucial aspect of individualized cosmetic treatments.
    • Microblading involves mimicking hair strokes with precise color application, akin to eyebrow embroidery.
    • Achieving facial symmetry and personalized beauty with microblading requires expertise in working with different face shapes.
    • Choosing a microblading style involves considering its impact on various skin tones and face shapes.
    • Face shape is a primary factor in determining the best microblading style for an individual.
    • Arched brows enhance square or round faces, while straight brows complement heart or oval faces.
    • Skin tone influences the choice of microblading style, with consideration for blending and avoiding harsh designs.
    • Lifestyle considerations play a role in choosing between natural and bold microblading styles.
    • Collaborating with a skilled microblading artist is essential for crafting a personalized brow shape.
    • Oval faces benefit from gentle arched brows accentuating the brow bone arch.
    • Round faces look more balanced with high-arching brows and pointed tips.
    • A square face benefits from a gently curved brow shape to soften angular features.
    • Heart-shaped faces are complemented by a soft, arched brow to achieve feminine proportions.
    • Long faces can appear shorter with a slightly arched and curved brow shape.
    • Diamond faces suit gentle, arched or rounded brows for proportional appearance.
    • Pear-shaped faces benefit from fuller outer corners and a thinner middle and tail for balance.
    • Inverted triangle faces achieve balance with a brow shape featuring a prominent arch.
    • Communication with a microblading artist is crucial for achieving the desired eyebrow shape.
    • Microblading works best when mimicking the individual's natural brow shape.
    • Choosing a natural-looking brow is a common goal of microblading for a revitalized appearance.
    • Following recommended aftercare procedures is crucial for the healing and longevity of microbladed eyebrows.
    • Avoiding water and excessive sun exposure during the healing process preserves the form and color of microbladed eyebrows.
    • Microblading errors, such as choosing the incorrect shape, can be avoided through proper consultation with the artist.
    • Selecting a shade that harmonizes with hair and skin tone prevents the eyebrows from appearing too dark and unnatural.
    • Inadequate aftercare, like wetting eyebrows too quickly, can lead to uneven pigment retention and scarring.
    • Researching and choosing a qualified microblading artist with experience and a valid license is essential.
    • Being overly stingy with microblading services can lead to negative long-term outcomes and potential health hazards.
    • Microblading is a long-term commitment, and choosing the right artist and proper aftercare is crucial for optimal results.
    • Proper aftercare helps prevent spending more money on corrective operations for compromised eyebrows.
    • Achieving perfect eyebrows through microblading is considered an art form in Australia.
    • Customizing microblading techniques is significant for harmonious and artistically beautiful outcomes.
    • The impact of different microblading styles on facial features is influenced by individual face shapes.
    • Microblading eyebrows tailored to an oval face involve a gentle arched brow accentuating the brow bone arch.
    • Microblading shapes for round faces aim to create a longer and more balanced appearance with a high-arching brow.
    • Square face eyebrow shapes focus on a gently curved brow to soften the angular jawline and wide forehead.
    • Heart-shaped face eyebrows are styled with a soft, arched brow to achieve a more feminine and harmonious proportion.
    • Long face eyebrow shapes opt for a slightly arched, slightly curved brow to create a balanced facial proportion.
    • Diamond face eyebrow shapes involve a gentle, arched, or rounded soft brow for a proportional appearance.
    • Pear-shaped face eyebrow shapes recommend a fuller outer brow and thinning towards the middle and tail for balance.
    • Inverted triangle face eyebrow shapes feature a prominent arch to balance the broader forehead and smaller jawline.
    • Considering lifestyle preferences is essential when choosing between a natural or bold microblading style.
    • Skilled microblading artists can craft personalized brow shapes that complement individual facial features.
    • Oval faces with prominent cheekbones benefit from a gentle arched brow, bringing out their best characteristics.
    • Round faces achieve balance with high-arching brows and pointed tips, avoiding emphasizing natural curves.
    • Square faces soften angular features with a gently curved brow shape, avoiding a straight, flat design.
    • Heart-shaped faces achieve a more feminine appearance with a soft, arched brow, softening pointed chins and wide foreheads.
    • Long faces appear shorter with a slightly arched, slightly curved brow, placing the arch closer to the middle of the face.
    • Diamond faces look proportional with a gentle, arched, or rounded soft brow, fuller in the inner corner and thinner towards the tail.
    • Pear-shaped faces achieve balance with fuller outer brows and thinning towards the middle and tail, avoiding arches or thick brows to prevent widening the jawline.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Different face shapes require different eyebrow shapes to achieve a balanced and harmonious look. The eyebrows' arch, length, and thickness can be adjusted based on the individual's face shape.


    Face shapes include round, oval, square, heart, and diamond. Each shape may benefit from specific eyebrow styles to enhance symmetry and aesthetics. For example, a round face may benefit from arched eyebrows, while a square face may suit softer, rounded brows.


    A skilled microblading artist will consider the client's face shape, features, and preferences. They may conduct a thorough consultation to understand the client's desired outcome and recommend a suitable eyebrow shape.


    No, microblading is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. Each client's facial structure, preferences, and natural eyebrow characteristics are considered to create a customised and natural-looking result.


    Microblading can help correct asymmetry by carefully mapping and designing the eyebrows to achieve a more balanced appearance. The artist will work to create symmetry while considering the individual's unique features.

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