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Do Thick Eyebrows Look Good On Everyone?

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    Eyebrows have the power to dramatically transform one's perception of even the most recognisable of faces. All of these factors—the slant of the arch, the roundedness of the lines, the thickness, and the distance between the two brows—contribute to the overall transformation of the appearance of the top half of the face. Earlier on, we spent some time discussing the proper way to form and shape your eyebrows. But even so, considering the current infatuation with bushy and thick brows, we just had to point out this one thing: a heavy brow is not suited for every face, and especially not the block-like, chunky "Instagram brow" that is fashionable nowadays. A heavy brow can make your face look older and more tired. Please allow us to explain the reason why.

    Absolutely, brows are having a major moment right now. No, this does not give anyone permission to start rocking Delevingne-style arches that are as thick as caterpillars. "The shape and size of your eyes have a role in defining the right angle for your arches," explains brow specialist Jo-Anna Lynn of the Sally Hershberger salons in New York City. "Face form is the most important factor in determining arch angle." she adds. Here, her guidelines. Do you know what it is that you shouldn't be required to defend? Specifically, your brows. It is the kind of "flaw" that could only have been thought up by a particularly unimaginative bully in seventh grade. And yet, here we're, in a world where eyebrow shame is apparently a thing. At the moment, the arch of everyone's brows ought to be a specific kind of thick. This is the current trend. It is just, I suppose, as superfluous and rigid as all the prefered shapes that came before it, whether we're talking about painted brows in the style of the 1950s that was de rigueur in ancient Sumeria. It's just as rigid and superfluous as all the prefered shapes that came before it.

    The shape of your eyebrows is typically one of the first features of your face that others take note of. They assist you portray your thoughts in a manner that is non-verbal, frame your face, and enunciate how you are feeling. To put it another way, we place a significant amount of importance on them. Some people were given the gift of having eyebrows that they feel are the ideal shape and size for their face. Some people, however, are not. Today, we polled some of our pro clients to find out their thoughts on a widespread issue and to get their advice on how to make thin eyebrows appear to have more density. Proceed only if you find that you actually enjoy following the most recent fashion! However, the thought of attempting to achieve the desired appearance wears me out. Simply giving it some thought makes me want to track down the nearest Snuggie and wrap myself in it.

    I've always been informed that the natural thickness of my brows isn't quite right, but regardless of the size, shape, or colour of your eyebrows, you've definitely had a similar experience. I am aware that most individuals have good intentions, but as far as I am concerned, the facial hair of another person is none of my business, unless it is causing you to be cut in line at coffee shop or endangering the general public in some other way. In some cases, it may be essential to intervene.
    The painter, who describes herself as having a "ancient spirit," is only 22 years old, yet she couldn't resist the lure of the tweezers. Tippins describes her transition to Clara Bow as "a slow progression," referring to the process by which she became Clara Bow. "Even though I have trendy brows, my small features made it feel off-balance," she said. It girls like Cara Delevingne are advocating for a natural look, and Glossier's $18 "Boy Brow" pomade, which is supposed to shape lacklustre and thicken, uneven arches, has become so popular that it has its own Instagram hashtag, which has been used in 21,912 pictures. Even though she has a wild unibrow, the 23 year old model Sophia Hadjipanteli has achieved popularity and financial success as a result of her look. However, the grown-up appearance was called into question when the cover of British Vogue's September issue was revealed the previous week. Rihanna is the sexy star, with a pencil-thin eyebrows, flower crown, a pair of super-styled and blood-red lips, which has caused a great deal of controversy. The outrage expressed on the internet was fast and vehement.
    What truly counts is not whether you are big or thin, but rather what is attractive and actually achievable for your body type. The majority of people present their finest appearance when they make the most of their natural features, such as their eyebrow form, placement, and structure, and enhance those features to a suitable degree.

    No matter what the current trends are, the most effective and attractive method is to form your eyebrows in a way that is proportionate to the rest of your face. If you take a pencil and hold its length against your face near to your nostril, the inner side of the pencil should be parallel with where the inner section of your eyebrow should start. This is the ideal position for your eyebrows. If you then move it diagonally so that it crosses over your pupil, it will indicate where the highest point of your arch should be if you keep one end of it near to your nostril while moving it in the other direction. If you then move it such that it meets with the corner of the eye on the outside, the tip of the pencil should point in the direction that the brow should finish.
    In terms of aesthetics, your eyebrows should serve to frame and define your face rather than taking up most of it. Everyone needs to use their best judgement to determine what level of thinness compromises that definition and what level of thickness causes the rest of your face to be lost in the shadows cast by them. To put it another way, you should never fill in your eyebrows to be more than two hairs' breadth broader or thicker than they naturally grew when they were at their heaviest, regardless of the style that may be prevalent at the time.

    Before and After Image of Eyebrow Tattoo and Eyeliner

    Since the fourth grade, I've had thick, dark, bushy eyebrows, and when it comes to over-plucking, I've definitely been there (I'm looking at you, eighth-grade self). I've also had thick, dark, bushy eyelashes since then. It took a long time for my eyebrows to grow back to what they were (it's weird how the small unpleasant bushy hairs grow back like weeds, but the hairs that define the shape take an age), and even now, if I have the chance, I still lightly fill in the outer corners. After I realised my mistake, I didn't bother to thin out my eyebrows for several years, and throughout that time I had to put up with the scepticism of my fellow fashion-forward individuals. Since I've done this, I consistently get compliments on my eyebrows.

    When it comes to making an choices to decide about something that would affect me for such a long period of time as the shape of my eyebrows, I have always believed that the perspectives of other people can be too easily persuaded by the fads of fashion to be taken into consideration. This is something I've mentioned in the past, and I'll repeat it once more: everyone's eyebrows are different, and it's up to you to figure out what works best for your own face.

    One of the most trending in beauty right now is having eyebrows that are both attractive and appear to have grown naturally. The team here at Bright Side has devised this helpful tutorial on how to make your eyebrows appear lovely at home, without having to spend a fortune on trips to beauty salons or hiring professional makeup artists.

    Face Shape Determines Eyebrow Shape.

    • If your face is round, you should try to arch your eyebrows as much as you can. Avoid having a rounded brow shape and instead go for one that has a straight line leading up to the highest point of the brow. This will give the impression that your face is quite round.
    • If your face is oval, the best eyebrow shape for you is one that is flat and has a gentle angle. The ascent on those ought to be direct, and then they ought to round out very slightly near the top.
    • If you have a square face, you might want to choose a curved brow shape, a soft shape, or a hard-angled form. Avoid shaping your brows in a way that makes them thin and short.
    • Because it results in a more natural appearance, women with a heart-shaped face should avoid using a high arch and instead go for a rounder, more natural shape for their brows. Avoid having a brow that is too arched since it will make your face appear even shorter and rounder.

    Curved Towards The Back Of The Tail

    According to Kelley Baker, a celebrity brow expert and the founder of Kelley Baker Brows, "you want to try and give yourself an arch if you have a round face, so that it's not around the brow on a round face." As you can see, though, this traditional arch of the brow looks fantastic on practically any face. You can choose to have your eyebrows microbladed, feathered, or tattooed with hair strokes with the assistance of our comprehensive selection of eyebrow tattooing treatments.


    You should not be concerned if the natural arch of your brows is directed more towards the middle than it is towards the ends. Ask the professionals at the salon to remove any stray hairs from under the highest point of your eyebrow arch without producing a peak, as this might give you the appearance of being "constantly shocked."

    Very Tall Arches

    Some celebrities, such as Lea Michele, a customer of Baker's, favour a high arch that extends much above the brow bone. This provides an appearance that is very defined and picture-perfect. If you want to get this dramatic look, you must make sure that your arch is directed towards the end rather than the middle.

    Arches That Are Barely There

    There are a lot of folks who have a slight arch to their brows that develops naturally and looks great even without any serious shaping. You only need a little bit of upkeep using a tweezer, such as the Tweezerman Rose Gold Slant Tweezer ($25,, and a brow pencil, such as Baker's own Brow Defining Pencil ($23,, to fill in any bald spots, and you'll be good to go.


    The arch of a brow need not have a sharp appearance at all. If the rest of your face characteristics are more angular, a rounded eyebrows can be the most attractive option for you. This is especially true if you have a wider forehead. Baker argues that in order to soften the appearance of a square face, one should have a brow that is more round and fluffy.


    There is no point in forcing an arch into your brow if it does not already have one. As can be seen, straight brows can look great, regardless of the breadth that they are. For a more put-together appearance, it is essential to brush them regularly using a spoolie such as the one included in the Eco Tools 7 Piece Starter Set ($9,


    The middle two-thirds of a tapering brow are notably fuller than the ends, and this structure is a near relative of the arch that extends towards the tail. If you adore this style but your brows are consistently the same width throughout, you should be aware that maintaining it will be far more difficult and will require more frequent visits to a waxer.


    A brow that are S-shaped begins with a rise in the middle, which is followed by a slight descent, and then it rises into the arch. This is often a innate, which some people try to alter with cosmetics and shaping, but as you can look here, it may look beautiful just the way it is.

    Condensed and Plump

    If you don't have very long brows to begin with, you might be a good candidate for the trend of having thicker brows. A youthful appearance can be achieved by having brows that are thick and well-defined as opposed to those that are thin and short.


    This dramatic arch goes to tremendous lengths, quite literally, as the tail extends well beyond the corner of the eye on the outside. To give the tips of your brows a hint of tapered length and definition, use a pomade like Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow ($18; in a shade that is comparable to the colour of your brow hairs.

    Do you know that when you frown, the space between your brows narrows and sometimes even joins together? This is the appearance that is given to a person's face when the front area of their eyebrows is thick and wide. It creates the appearance of fatigue on the face and makes the face look heavier overall. The distance between the brows and the eyes gives the face a more heart-shaped appearance, which, in turn, makes the jaw appear thinner in comparison to the upper area of the face. In addition to this, the eyes and brows should be kept relatively close together. Because of this, it is essential to only fill in the brows where it is absolutely necessary.

    Photograph of Cosmetic Eyeliner Tattoo

    Thick Eyebrow Is Not For All 

    Enhancing And Contouring The Brows Is Key.

    Obviously, this only applies to ordinary looks and not to purposely feathery brows, colourful and glittering brows meant to give you an edge, or brows that are intentionally drawn to look like they have a smoky effect. However, when filling in, brushing, and sculpting this intricate feature on our faces, we should do it with a gentle touch. When it comes to lining and filing in your brows, it's all about being subtle and having superb blending skills, much as when you contour your face. The purpose of the activity is to highlight a characteristic, not to cover it up like you would with clown makeup. Unlike the eyes or even the lips, which are all about experimenting with colours and shapes, the shaping of the brows is designed to seem natural enough to seem like it has not been filled in or drawn on. This is in contrast to the fact that the eyes are all about playing with colours and shapes.

    Eyebrows Shouldn't Distract From The Eyes.

    It is possible for thick brows to be so overpowering that the observer's attention is directed solely to the brows rather than the eyes, which the brows are supposed to encircle rather than overshadow. Because, eyes are such a prominent feature, the brows should be shaped in such a way that they highlight and complement the eyes. On the other hand, brows that are unnaturally thick and dark might actually detract from the beauty of your eyes rather than enhancing them. This looks nice right now since it's a trend, and we're all participating in the same boat, complete with caterpillar brows, so of course it does!

    It is not necessarily the case that one appears superior to the other. When it comes to eyebrows, there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution. It change from person to person, and what appears to be more attractive is more dependent on the individual's own physical characteristics. Additionally, those who are born with naturally thick eyebrows tend to have an advantage when it comes to looking their best with thick brows. Those who have naturally thin eyebrows typically have a better looking appearance without thicker brows.

    Thick Brows Aren't Always Unruly.

    When the fad of having bushy brows began, most of us were still recovering from the high arches that were popular in the early 2000s. Therefore, many people believed that the simplest approach to create fuller brows was to simply let them get longer. Now, there is a legitimate expectation that eyebrows will grow out of hair follicles that do not yet exist. As a direct consequence of this, most people do not arch their brows at all. A little bit of shape and grooming, especially in the space between the brows, is vital for anyone, whether they are a man or a woman, who wants their brows to look on point. You are pardoned, of course, if your eyebrows naturally arch in such a way that they perfectly align with your brow bone. The rest of us may experience a great deal of difficulty while trying to fill in our overgrown brows, which frequently leads to us doing so to an excessive degree. Do you have questions regarding the eyebrow tattoo services that we provide?

    Boxy Or Overly Drawn-In Brows Result From The Desire For Thick Brows.

    If Kylie Jenner is able to overdraw her lips, then it is not possible for us to just paint on brows where there are none. That are they? The children who participated in the school play and had their eyebrows filled in with a kajal. To draw on brow hairs that look genuine and are thin is a challenge that even makeup specialists are unable to complete, so imagine how difficult it is for those of us who are in a rush to get to work in the morning. Our advice? To maintain a natural appearance, you should avoid using dark pomades, colour inside the lines, and ALWAYS brush back with a clean spooly. When it comes to the shape of your eyebrows, less is more!

    How Should The Ideal Eyebrows Be Shaped By Plucking?

    Prepare to move on to the more practical aspects of the lesson once you have finished going over the academic content. Get out your tweezers and begin the process of plucking! To achieve outstanding outcomes, we came up with a few simple suggestions, which we believe could prove useful:

    • Rest assured that you are comfortable and that there is adequate lighting. Make an investment in a pair of tweezers that are of a good quality because they are an essential equipment that you use and need to be successful in tweezing the eyebrow and grabbing the hair.
    • You can comb your eyebrows with a specialised brush, and then use a small pair of nail scissors or eyebrow scissors to cut any hairs that stick out over the brow line.
    • You can alleviate the pain, swelling, and redness in your eyebrows by rubbing an ice cube over them, or you can apply some skin moisturiser.
    • When plucking the area above the brow, use caution because if you go too far and over-pluck it, the brow will have an artificially thin appearance. After a few tweezes, take a couple of steps back to assess the effect and look at the wider picture.

    cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

    How Should Eyebrows Be Filled In?

    Now let's move forward to the most complex and likely the most difficult aspect of the entire process, which is learning how to fill in the eyebrows so that they appear fuller and more natural. You might want to experiment with colouring your eyebrows with a specific eyebrow dye if they are a lighter shade than your natural hair colour.

    Keep in mind that the shade of your eyebrows should be quite near to the colour of your hair. This will ensure that they look natural. Your eyebrows will have an unnatural appearance if you choose a colour that is a couple of tones darker than your hair colour. View additional information about our eyebrow tattooing services.

    Using an eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder or shadow, and brow mascara are all acceptable methods for filling in your brows. You can get a more natural look and camouflage scant areas with the help of a pencil. It is possible to achieve thicker eyebrows by using brow powder, and brow mascara is an absolute must for ladies who already have thick, unruly eyebrows. No matter the filling device you choose to use, the fundamental procedures that you must complete in order to have flawless eyebrows are as follows:

    1. Make use of an eyebrow brush to give your brow hairs a little brushing, to line the bottom curve of your brow, and to fill in the areas where your brow hair is missing.
    2. If necessary, create the tail of your brow, and then trace the top and bottom edges of your brow using an outliner. Be mindful of the edges of your natural brow shape, and avoid applying too much colour anywhere near the bridge of your nose. This is very important.
    3. Try drawing attention to the area of skin that lies between the eyebrow and the eyelid if you want the form of the brow to appear to have more definition. To achieve this look, start by applying a few drops of concealer and blending it in completely. Next, place a dab of highlighter directly beneath each brow, and you're good to go!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Eyebrows

    We Have Now Declared It! Eyebrows have the power to dramatically transform one's perception of even the most recognisable of faces. The angle of the arch, the roundness of the lines, the thickness, and the spacing between the two brows are all factors that contribute to the overall transformation of the appearance of the upper part of the face.

    If your cheekbones, forehead, and jawline are all the same width and your face is long, you may want to attempt a flattened brow shape, as that horizontal trace will soften the length of your face. This is because a flattened brow shape creates the illusion of shorter cheekbones and a wider jawline. Either a bigger or thinner eyebrow will work, but the natural-looking result will be achieved with a thicker eyebrow that has been flattened.

    Your face will appear more narrow if you have thick, angular brows since they offer contour and a focal point to the face. On the other hand, having brows that are too thin and have been over-tweezed might give the appearance of having a fuller face. The prescription is to make use of a brow pencil or shadow that is one shade lighter than the colour of your actual eyebrows.

    Ignoring the receding of the eyebrows, The same thing can happen to your eyebrows as it does to your hair as you get older, which can make you look much older than you actually are. You can hide this by using brow powder to fill in any bald places and concentrating on giving your brows back their full appearance.

    Filling in your eyebrows can help bring out your features in the best light! This can make a surprising difference! Whether it be by lash extensions, false eyelashes, or even mascara, most women feel sexier and prettier with longer, darker, luscious lashes.

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