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Choosing The Best Cosmetic Tattoo Clinic

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    It is crucial to make the appropriate decision when selecting an artist to perform your cosmetic tattooing since it is like selecting a heart surgeon. In spite of the fact that it may not be a question of life or death, it is a matter of either "damn, I look amazing!" or "what have I done to my face?" The following is a list of advice and suggestions to help you select the most qualified artist for the position. People are becoming more aware of how wonderful the effects that can be achieved can be, which has contributed to the rise in popularity of permanent cosmetics. These days, there are a lot of amazing permanent makeup artists working all throughout Australia — and the rest of the world, too!

    Dermal cosmetics, microstroking, microblading, 3D permanent brows, are a form of permanent cosmetic. Other names for this practise include microblading and microstroking. In the process of implanting pigments into the skin for a more defined shape, the permanent cosmetic application makes use of very thin needles and a variety of other procedures. Because the pigment is surgically inserted under the skin, the appearance is regarded to be permanent, and yes, it is a tattoo. However, the pigments will begin to fade after one to three years, based on the condition of the skin and the lifestyle choices made.

    Tattoo cosmetics aren't necessary designed to function in place of traditional makeup entirely. You are free to apply as much additional makeup as you see fit whenever you feel like kicking up your heels and going out for a night on the town or whenever you desire a different appearance. Permanent cosmetics might be a wonderful option for people who have had hair loss as a result of thinning eyebrows, excessive plucking, or alopecia, as a result of over-tweezing. It is also an excellent choice for the hard-working athlete or professional who must always appear her best. This category of women can benefit greatly from this product.

    When looking for an artist, it is crucial to make sure that they have the appropriate training, as well as images of their previous work and testimonials. Our artists at Custom Beaute have all been trained and certified by an SPCP Trainer in the principles of permanent makeup, and they have also completed additional training. Before receiving certification from SPCP, artists are required to work a minimum of one hundred hours with a trainer. Microblading, areola repigmentation, and microneedling are all examples of the types of advanced training available. Each of these procedures requires a lot of hours of hands-on experience to perfect.

    Not Only For Vanity

    Putting on makeup can be an impossible process for women who have diseases that induce tremors, such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, stroke, arthritis, or multiple sclerosis. The use of permanent cosmetics eradicates the need for frustration. Women who have visual issues, are blind, or have cataracts may also be ideal candidates for the procedure.

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    Women who are allergic to or have a heightened sensitivity to makeup can also benefit from cosmetic tattooing. Women who engage in strenuous physical activity, such as sports and other athletes, as well as businesswomen, entertainers, models, and homemakers are increasingly turning to permanent cosmetics.

    Permanent eyeliner and eyebrows can help women who have lost their hair as a result of chemotherapy regain their self-esteem and reduce the need to reapply eyebrow makeup on a daily basis. Eyebrows can also be applied to eliminate the need for eyeliner. The disorder known as vitiligo, in which the skin gradually loses its pigment, may also be helped by cosmetic tattooing. Permanent makeup has the ability to merge lighter skin tones with the surrounding skin that has its normal colour.

    Choosing a Technician

    Look for a technician who specialises in permanent cosmetics in the same manner you would look for a doctor. Gain an understanding of the processes involved in the sector as well as the place that you are considering visiting. Investigate the following aspects of the technician's background:

    • How much practical experience does he or she have in doing procedures similar to the one you want?
    • A specialised education is necessary in order to do more advanced treatments such as the restoration of face blush and areola.
    • Is the individual a member of any reputable professional organisations, such as the American Academy of Micropigmentation?
    • Request to look over the individual's portfolio of previous work.
    • Where did they come from originally? Which kind of continuous education has he or she participated in?

    When you go to the website, ask yourself the following questions:

    • Is there a lack of clutter in the workspace?
    • What is the price tag attached to it? What is the company's stance on making minor adjustments?
    • Are sterile, disposable needles used for each individual patient?
    • What kinds of anaesthetics do they use throughout the procedure?
    • Is the technician neat, professional, and do they keep their nails trimmed and clean?
    • Are fresh gloves worn for each each customer?

    The American Academy of Micropigmentation and the SPCP are just two of the national organisations that provide rules for technicians and references for customers. Other national organisations include: The Academy offers a certification programme for technicians.


    The portfolio of a tattoo artist is the most reliable indicator of their skill level. You don't want just anyone "practising" a semi-permanent treatment on your face, just like you don't want just anyone performing any surgery; instead, you want an artist to weave their magic. Because of this, you want to perform a speedy examination of the tattoo artist's previous work history before hiring them. Visit their website and see whether it provides information about their qualifications. For me, boasting about my over 30 years of experience in the brow industry is less about showing off the qualifications and more about instilling trust in my customers. I want them to be confident in the fact that I will give them great brows, lips, and eyeliner.

    It is essential that the professional permanent cosmetic service provider you choose has documentation proving their level of expertise from a respected training institute. This training must have included practical experience under the supervision of an instructor. It is necessary to have additional advanced expertise in micro-pigmentation in order to do paramedical operations such as areola restoration, scar camouflage scalp, or skin regimentation techniques. Inquire with the professional who will apply your cosmetic tattoo of choice about the training they have received and the level of experience they have in doing so. Mastering the art of cosmetic tattooing and having an in-depth knowledge of the structure of the skin can take a significant amount of time and effort over the course of a career.

    Licensed medical or registered nurses and physicians, who provide permanent cosmetics should have certifications demonstrating that they have also completed specialised, hands-on training in cosmetic and paramedical tattooing. It's not essential for a person to be a trained medical expert in order for them to have artistic ability or an in-depth understanding of the subject matter necessary to perform permanent cosmetic operations properly.

    Because the permanent makeup and micropigmentation industry is one that is constantly evolving, a true professional will always strive to do what is best in order to provide the best and safest service possible to their clients by continuously educating themselves on the latest industry developments. When an artist consistently makes financial investments in their own career, it is a good indication that you are supporting the proper creative person.


    Word-of-mouth reviews are the most dependable for practically any product or service. If you do a fast search on Google, it won't take you long to figure out whether or not a particular artist has been causing a stir in the business. If you type their name and the name of their company into the search field, it will rather rapidly produce a list of any warning signs. Check the company's ratings and reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook to gauge service quality. When it comes to my priorities, the client comes in second only to the actual act of brow artistry. Every time someone comes into my room, I treat it like they're going to a coffee date with a buddy, and by the time they leave, they usually know a lot more about me than they had anticipated. In addition to this, the fact that I pay careful attention to detail is something that is frequently mentioned in feedback. Looking for eyeliner tattoo salon? Stop looking; Cosmetic Tattoo by Rach has got you covered in every way.

    Equipment and Salon

    If the artist's salon is in disrepair, it doesn't matter how skilled the artist is; you need to get the hell out of there. In order to prevent any treatment issue, cosmetic operations such as microblading need to take place in exceedingly hygienic surroundings. If you walk into a shop and find a tattooing bed in the centre of a hair salon, that should immediately raise a red flag for you due to the fact that you will be exposed to a variety of sprays and other potentially harmful substances. Another warning sign is if the tattooist begins the treatment without wearing gloves. This is an extremely dangerous practise. What happens if the technician doesn't clean and sanitise the equipment? Choose other technicians then.

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    The use of a stencil is one of the most telltale signs of a poor or novice artist, and this is especially true when it comes to brow tattooing. During your first appointment or initial consultation, if the artist puts a stencil to your brows or, God forbid, says they need to shave them, leave immediately. As a brow technician, one of the first things you will learn, and one of the most essential things you will learn, is that no two sets of brows are identical. Because the thickness, length, strokes, and style of each of my clients are unique, I tailor each of these aspects to be exclusive to the individual client by making the customizations. Because of this, their brows will not only seem gorgeous, but also, and maybe more significantly, natural. If someone is merely using the same stencil on every pair of brows that they service, there is a good risk that you may leave with renegade caterpillars on your brows.

    Matching Of Colours And Strokes

    The use of stencils is analogous to that of this red flag. If you wait with a technician who does not spend the time to meticulously create your brow design or if they utilise the same pigment colour for every person, then you need to flee for the hills before tens or even hundreds of your hard-earned salaries go down the metaphorical drain.


    Before you write your name on the line for anything, you should put the product in question through its paces, just like you would when purchasing a new motor vehicle. As a result of this, if you are interested in getting some cosmetic tattooing done, you should get to know the person who will perform the procedure on you to guarantee that you are receiving the highest quality of service. Because the artist will not provide a consultation ahead to your treatment, there is no assurance that you will be fully informed of what to expect from it. Because of this, I provide each and every one of my customers with a consultation that costs $50 but has no strings attached to it. Following our conversation, you will walk away with all of the knowledge you require to proceed to the next stage of attaining lips, eyeliner, perfect brows. As is the case with any surgery that involves your body, you want to be one hundred percent certain that you are entrusting it to the hands of the most qualified professionals. If you want hand with over 14 years of tattooing experience and 35 years in the beauty industry, book a risk-free session with me right now.

    Be Aware Of Bargains With A Low Price.

    Because there are so many artists in the UK, some permanent makeup artists will occasionally give discounts in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. At the same time, if something looks too good to be true, there's a good chance that it actually is too good to be true. Consider the following: why does this artist charge such low rates? Please consider the quality of their work before making a purchase; if it is of inferior calibre, the pricing may reflect that. It is necessary to always think that pricing does not always correspond to the amount of expertise possessed by the artist; therefore, you need also take into account other aspects. For instance, the musician may have just started out and be trying to build up their clientele, despite the fact that they have exceptional skills. However, think that you should exercise caution, since permanent cosmetics can bring about significant changes in your life, and you should only get it done by a qualified professional.

    Any skilled tattoo artist who is in demand will set a pricing for their work that is fair and equitable. In the field of cosmetic art, the price tends to reflect the quality of the work. The majority of the time, successful artists have spent tens of thousands of dollars on various things including training courses, business startup charges, equipment, and insurance policies. In addition, it is most possible that they have spent a considerable amount of time and effort over the course of many years honing their artistic ability. Because a cosmetic tattoo requires originality on the part of the artist, rather than adhering to a predetermined rate established by the business, the artist will set their own price. In most cases, this pricing will be reflective of the level of expertise, experience, and efforts that the provider has invested in their clinic.

    In many cases, a lack of experience on the part of the technician is reflected in suspiciously low prices or promotions that appear to be too good to be true. The end product could not be what you had hoped for, or even worse, you might end up having to spend the money that you had anticipated saving in order to hire an experienced specialist who can remedy the mistakes that were done by an amateur.

    Examine The Feedback.

    Reading customer evaluations and personal accounts of experiences with a permanent makeup artist is one of the most effective ways to get a sense of what it's like to work with that artist. A lot of times, artists will have social media profiles, and on those pages, you'll be able to read real reviews written by people who have actually received the treatment being advertised. Of course, use your judgement to make your decision. Despite the fact that studies are helpful, at the end of the day, it all comes down to you and how confidence you feel in that certain artist.

    Facebook and Google are both excellent venues that may be used to locate user feedback for the artist of your choice. You don't want to see more than a handful of bad reviews, but a great artist shouldn't have more than a handful of them either. A great artist does not necessarily have hundreds of positive feedback or 5-star rankings. Let's be honest: playing the role of an artist isn't always the easiest job, and it can be difficult to adapt one's aesthetic to the preferences of each individual customer who walks through the door. Read some of the constructive criticism, and then make a decision based on what you learn. Was the client actually seeking to warn others about a larger underlying problem of ineptitude or misconduct, or was the cancellation policy discretion the intended target of the client's complaint? If the artist has disabled user reviews, you should question why they did so. The most dependable suggestion is word-of-mouth.

    Inquire About Available Training

    Crafting permanent cosmetics requires a very high level of expertise. In order for an artist to achieve the greatest results, they need to have extensive instruction, a high level of competence, and lots of practise. Ask them when and where they received their training, as well as what qualifications and certificates they now hold. Don't be scared to do so. It's essential for you to be aware that they have received training from a reputable training college such as Nouveau Contour in order to have confidence that you are in excellent hands. In addition to this, you need to verify that they have kept up with their training. Permanent makeup has evolved and progressed over the years; therefore, it is imperative that you select a professional that is current with the most recent advancements in the business.

    Take A Look At Their Previous Work.

    The artist's body of work is one of the most important criteria to consider when selecting a talented artist. Every artist that you consult with should be able to provide you with examples of their previous work, including images taken both before and after treatment. You want to observe a wide variety of treatments, performed on a variety of clients, so that you can obtain an accurate impression of the work that they do. Even if you check their work on their website, they may have other photos that are more relevant to your treatment that they may show you.

    Ensure They Have All Paperwork.

    Every good artist ought to have liability insurance and be registered. They are required to get liability insurance through an approved firm and be registered with the local authority in their area. This is not just because we told them to do it! You have a vested interest in knowing that the location from which they are operating has been approved by the appropriate authorities for the purpose of carrying out treatments. If the artist is unable to deliver these fundamental components, it is in your best interest to move on to the next candidate.

    Be Relaxed.

    Making sure that you are comfortable is an essential component of providing good treatment as well as being a good artist. It will be much easier for you to unwind and get exactly what you want out of your initial consultation if you are certain in your choice of the artist and content with your selection of them. Building a solid relationship with the permanent cosmetics artist that you select will require both trust and open lines of communication on your part. You will need to make sure that you find someone with whom you have a good rapport in order to be able to freely discuss your requirements and objectives with regard to your treatment. Check out the eyebrow tattoo page, which contains all the information you could possibly need close to you. You are more than welcome to get in touch with the Karen Betts Professional team if you have any questions, concerns, or queries, regardless of which artist you choose to work with. You absolutely must do your homework in order to get the most out of your visit to the salon or clinic.

    Images Taken Both Before And After

    You wouldn't hire a plastic surgeon without first viewing examples of their previous work, would you? Same logic applies to finding a medical tattoo artist or permanent makeup artist. There is no valid reason, in this day and age of advanced technology, for a cosmetic artist to be unable to give you with current examples of their work on previous customers, which will allow you to evaluate their approach, methodology, and level of overall skill. There is a good probability that some websites utilise a stock image or other images that can be found on the internet. Because of this, you should do your research and look up the artist on Google and social media sites to verify that they are a professional. Before making your ultimate choice, it is essential to examine the prices of a number of different artists' works.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Tattoo

    Tipping your microblading or permanent makeup artist is appreciated but never required or expected. A tip shows your gratitude towards the artist, and they receive 100% of the tip.

    Tattooing simply doesn't lend itself to the same precise technique. Tattooed brows tend to have more of a solid look, and appear as brow filler more so than your natural brow. Microblading creates a more natural end result compared to eyebrow tattooing, which results in brows that appear “drawn on” and flat.

    "The most serious risk is an infection," says Dr. Goodman. "Pathogens can be placed inadvertently into the eyelid, and from there they can infect the surrounding soft tissues." Other risks include allergic reactions, migration of the applied pigments, excessive or irregular scarring, and keloid formation.

    No makeup is to be applied for 72 hours (three days) after the procedure on the tattoo area. After any eyeliner procedure, use new mascara for the first 10 days after the 3 days of no makeup.

    Ineligible Without Exception

    • Individuals under 18 years of age.
    • Women who are pregnant or nursing.
    • Individuals with Pacemaker or major heart problems.
    • Individuals with viral infections and/or diseases.
    • Individuals with Lupus.
    • Individuals who have undergone Organ Transplant.
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