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How Do You Choose The Perfect Tattoo Colour For Your Brow?

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    The colour of the eyebrow tattoo is just as significant, if not more so, than the specific form of the eyebrows. The eyes and the eyebrows are among the first elements of the face that other people see. This means that even a slight alteration in the eyebrows' colour may drastically transform a face's appearance.

    When it comes to obtaining an eyebrow tattoo, the natural colour of your eyebrows is typically the greatest option at your disposal. However, there are situations when a simple adjustment in the colour of the eyebrows may work wonders, particularly when the hair has been dyed.

    When you alter the contour of your brows via cosmetic tattoos, such as eyebrow microblading or eyebrow micropigmentation, the colour of your brows also undergoes a modification. 

    This is why selecting the appropriate shade for your eyebrow tattoo is a problem that requires careful consideration. For this blog, we have compiled a complete list of facts on selecting the colour of your eyebrow tattoo. Continue reading this article if you want to learn more about choosing the appropriate shade for your brows.

    What Are Eyebrow Tattoos?

    Permanent makeup for the eyebrows is another name for eyebrow tattoos at the same time. This cosmetic surgery injects pigment into the skin to get the desired effect. This gives the impression that the eyebrows are bigger and more defined. To produce hair-like strokes, it employs hand-held equipment that has very few needles. 

    When it comes to eyebrow tattoos, the pigment that is employed is semi-permanent. Due to this, they have the potential to survive for several years before requiring a touch-up. Those who wish to improve their eyebrows without using cosmetics regularly are the ones who use them. The required eyebrow aesthetics may be achieved with a more long-lasting solution thanks to this product.

    Considerations For Eyebrow Tattoo Colour

    The shape of your eyebrows is an essential part of your face. Those pasty, overplucked brows are a thing of the past. Modern ideal eyebrows are shaped and coloured in a completely natural way. The way your eyebrows are shaped and styled may have a big impact on how you look. The shade of your brows should be carefully considered to complement your features. Many factors should be considered before settling on a shade of permanent cosmetic makeup for your eyebrow tattoo. A few examples are:

    • Darker tones tend to fade slower than lighter ones.
    • Experts work tirelessly to replicate the shade of your real brow. That way, any extra strokes done around your tattoo would go unnoticed. If you want your eyebrows to look more three-dimensional, using multiple hues is common.
    • Everybody can find their perfect shade. Considerations include your eye colour, skin tone, and hair colour. Go for a subtle, natural shade if you can. Get yourself a specialist who can correctly guide you.
    • You may alter or vary the shade of permanent makeup as time progresses. In the case of a permanent makeup operation, for instance, the final pigment colour will be a combination of your skin pigment colour and the permanent makeup colour. Even when two individuals use the same pigment to ink their eyebrows, the final result will always be visually different. In the long run, you may cover over your old tattoo with a new one if you want more ink. One hue will be produced by combining these.
    • Finally, walking out of the salon with somewhat darker eyebrows is normal. While tattooed brows heal, it's normal for them to seem darker.

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    When unfamiliar with the concept, getting permanent cosmetic eyebrows can be unnerving. But if you go to the correct professional and feel at ease, you can have the gorgeous brows you've always wanted!

    How To Pick The Ideal Tattoo Colour For Your Brow

    Make sure the shade of your eyebrow tattoo complements your skin tone. It's important to consider both the aesthetic value and the tattoo's longevity. Using the correct shade is key if you want your brows to blend in with your skin tone. To help you choose the perfect shade of eyebrow tattoo ink to complement your skin tone, here are a few pointers:

    Determine The Undertones Of Your Skin

    Melanin levels in the epidermis (the skin's outermost layer) dictate skin tone. Because of this, we can perceive a wide range of tones and hues. Your skin tone will be darker, proportional to your melanin levels.

    Skin Undertones

    Your skin tone may be described by looking at your reflection in the mirror. However, it would help if you also were mindful of your skin's undertone. Knowing your skin's undertone type is helpful when shopping for clothing, cosmetics, and semi-permanent foundations like BB and CC cream. You may find three different skin tones there. Choosing the perfect shade of eyebrow tattoo ink requires knowledge about your skin's undertone:

    Cool Undertone

    Cool undertones are characteristic of persons with pink, red, or even blue undertones, regardless of skin tone or colour. If your skin tone is cold or warm, you may check whether silver or gold jewellery complements your complexion better.

    Warm Undertone

    A warm skin undertone is characteristic of those whose complexion contains gold, olive, or yellow tones. Look inside your wrist to see if you can see any green veins. Your skin's undertone can be better ascertained in this way as well.

    Neutral Skin Tone

    You most likely have a neutral skin tone if you notice elements of both warm and cool undertones. Skin tones of pink and yellow are present in the complexions of people whose undertones are neutral. Tans are also susceptible to sunburn.

    When everything else fails, the hue white could be a guiding light. Do you think an off-white or white dress would look better on you? Tones of white indicate warm undertones, whereas tones of off-white indicate cold undertones.

    If your skin tone leans pink, you should know that cool eyebrow tints are the way to go when getting a tattoo. Olive or yellow undertones, however, complement warm hues more. Additionally, cool and warm tones work well with skin tones that combine the two. They are fortunate!

    Colour Of Hair

    The colour of your hair is another significant consideration when picking on an eyebrow shade. 

    Blonde Hair

    Choosing a bold hue while your hair is lighter is a typical faux pas. The striking contrast could make you look discordant, which could be better. The goal instead should be to choose a shade for your eyebrows that is very similar to your hair's base tone or deepest tone. 

    Brown Hair

    When colouring brown hair, it's possible to go a shade or two lighter or darker than the hair's original tone. Dark brows are another option for those who like a more defined and sharp appearance. A shade lighter than the base tone is recommended for a more subtle effect. 

    Dark Brown Or Black Hair

    For those with dark brown or black hair, it's best to avoid choosing a hue that matches the hair colour. This is when the deep shade could come out as artificial or overdone. Instead, go with a medium brown or ash hue that suits your taste. 

    Auburn Or Red Hair

    Avoid trying to dye your eyebrows the same shade as your hair if you have red or orange hues. If you want your brows to stand out but not too much, try using cool eyebrow tones that complement your hair colour for a defined, warm look. 

    Transform The Colour Of Your Eyes With Brow Tint

    The shade of your eyebrow tattoo should be carefully considered about your eye colour. If you want your eyes to stand out, pick a hue that does that.

    Warm Eye Colors

    Choose brow shades with golden, reddish, or chocolate undertones for warm-toned hazel, brown, or amber eyes. These vibrant eyes pop with hints of caramel and warm brown. Espresso and other dark, warm tones look beautiful with light brown eyes. Applying a red brow tint to greenish-brown eyes will create a striking visual contrast.

    Cool Eye Colors

    Eyebrows of correspondingly icy blue, steel grey, or forest green hues complement the eyes well. These cold shades look well with eyebrow tints of taupe, ash grey, or brown. Try contrasting your bright blue eyes with ice platinum blonde brow colour for a sparkling effect. The sharp definition is achieved with a charcoal grey brow shade on delicate green eyes. Shades of chocolate and chestnut brown, with their delicate cold undertones, glisten with deep emerald greens.

    Neutral Eye Colors

    Hazel, which may range from green to brown, is an example of an ambivalent eye colour with warmth and coolness. Experiment with warm and cool shades to get the perfect brow tint for your eyes. Take it easy; tawny hazel eyes look great in a warm chocolate brown. Try an ashier taupe tone if you need more clarification on the impact. Bring out the depth of your neutral eye colour by playing with different brow tints.

    A successful combo is the optimum eye colour framed by the perfect brow colour. Collaborate with your makeup artist to experiment with shades to make your eyes stand out.

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    How Much Time Does A Brow Tattoo Last?

    A permanent eyebrow tattoo is no different from any other kind of tattoo. After one to three years, they can begin to fade. However, it is common for eyebrow tattoos to fade as you get older gradually. In other words, if you acquired it in your twenties, it will likely continue to last until you're in your fifties. In other words, you might not even see the tattoo fade if you have it done in your late 30s.

    Temporary Brow Tattoos

    A temporary eyebrow tattoo is one that you can put on and take off easily because of its transient nature. Stickers or transfers resembling real eyebrows are the most common kind. 

    To try something new without committing to anything permanent, temporary tattoos are a fantastic choice. Typically, they subside within a week.

    Permanent Brow Tattoos

    A longer-lasting option is to have permanent eyebrow tattoos. Cosmetic tattooing, sometimes known as microblading, is included in these procedures. To make brows look thicker, a pigment is injected under the skin.

    Permanent tattoo ink has a longer expected skin retention time. The duration might be anything from a few years to a lifetime. A more defined and uniform appearance for the eyebrows, even when perspiring or swimming, is possible with permanent tattoos.

    Aftercare Of Tattooed Eyebrows


    The ink from a new tattoo will often look considerably darker and thicker than you would anticipate. Conversely, certain people (such as blondes and browns) could appear incredibly brilliant. Scab formation (shedding) typically occurs on the affected region and top layer after a week or two. After that, they'll flake off in certain areas. 

    When compared to the non-shredded pieces, these sections could appear quite light. Rest assured, this pigment will gradually fade and become the right shade after shedding is finished. Your new eyebrow tattoos should fade and look natural after approximately two weeks.

    Touch-Up Procedure For Aftercare Of Tattooed Eyebrows

    During the "shedding" or "scabbing" phase, your eyebrows will have mostly recovered within around two weeks. Consequently, the original richness and saturation will diminish, and the shade of your chosen colour will become apparent. You should plan a "touch up" operation, particularly if you want to alter your brow's form or fill in any spots that require repair or alteration, around the four to six-week mark. 

    This "touch-up" process has the tattoo artist going over your eyebrows once again, precisely like in the first session. The ink is encouraged to embed more firmly into the skin, and the tattoo lasts longer with this repetition. It would help if you were extremely careful not to wash your brows soon after your "touch-up" for at least a few weeks. Scrubbing, scraping, or rubbing them too vigorously might hasten ink elimination and lead to scars. Be careful not to touch your freshly shaped brows until they have fully healed and set.

    Make sure you and your permanent eyebrow technician have a conversation about the follow-up visit before any treatment is done. As part of the original price, it ought to be free. No more appointments (to colour sharpen) should be necessary for another one to three years, depending on how diligently you adhere to the aftercare instructions and the semi-permanent ink's fading rate.


    One common cosmetic surgery is getting a tattoo of the eyebrows, which entails injecting colour into the skin to make the eyebrows bigger and more defined. You won't have to worry about touching up these tattoos for a while because the pigment is semi-permanent. It is important to think about how the colour and form of your eyebrows will look with your tattoo before getting one.

    Think about your hair colour, skin tone, and eye colour when picking out the right shade of eyebrow tattoo ink. Seek the advice of an expert for the best subtle, natural shade. You can change or adjust the colour of your permanent makeup over time, and the pigment colour that ends up on your skin might be a mix of the two.

    Think about your skin tone, which is defined by the amount of melanin in the epidermis and the skin's undertones, as you pick out the perfect shade of eyebrow tattoo ink. When someone's undertones are pink, red, or blue, it's a sign of coolness; when they're olive, yellow, or gold, it's a sign of warmth. Warm and cold undertones are common in neutral skin tones, and white can help you identify them.

    Eyebrow tints with cool undertones are best for a pinkish-toned complexion, while those with olive or yellow undertones look great with warmer shades. Skin tones that incorporate both warm and cool tones look great together. You can get the look you want from your eyebrows without using any makeup at all if you pick the proper tint.

    Think about your hair colour and the look you're going for when picking out an eyebrow shade. Pick a hue that's close to your hair's foundation or deepest tone if you want it to be blonde. Hair of a dark brown or black colour should not match the shade, however, brown hair can be lighter or darker than its original tone. For a more defined and inviting style, try using cool eyebrow tones with red or orange hair.

    To draw attention to your eyes, choose for warm, cold, or neutral hues when selecting an eye colour. Intense caramel and warm brown undertones stand out in hazel, brown, or amber eyes, while icy blue, steel grey, or forest green are great cool-toned complements. You can frame neutral eye colours like hazel with the correct brow colour.

    The colour of permanent eyebrow tattoos gradually fades over the course of a year to three. While cosmetic tattooing techniques like microblading are necessary for permanent eyebrow tattoos, temporary eyebrow tattoos are convenient since they can be applied and removed quickly. For a look that lasts, aftercare is essential.

    New tattoo ink could look thicker and darker than you'd want at first, but it will fade and become the correct shade once some time has passed. To ensure the ink has fully embedded into the skin, a touch-up procedure is suggested four to six weeks subsequent to the first procedure. To avoid removing the ink and leaving scars, wait to wash your brows for a few hours after getting a touch-up.

    Your permanent eyebrow technician should be happy to schedule a complimentary follow-up appointment before beginning treatment. Based on your aftercare instructions and the fading rate of the semi-permanent ink, you won't need to schedule any additional treatments for another one to three years.

    Content Summary

    • The colour of your eyebrow tattoo is crucial in enhancing your facial features, sometimes even more so than the shape of your eyebrows.
    • Eyebrows are among the first facial features noticed by others, and even a small change in colour can dramatically alter one's appearance.
    • Natural eyebrow colour is generally the best choice for an eyebrow tattoo, but adjustments can be beneficial, especially after hair dyeing.
    • Cosmetic tattoos, like microblading, can change both the shape and colour of your eyebrows.
    • Choosing the right eyebrow tattoo shade requires careful thought and consideration.
    • Eyebrow tattoos, also known as permanent makeup, inject pigment into the skin to create fuller, more defined brows.
    • The pigment used in eyebrow tattoos is semi-permanent, lasting several years before needing a touch-up.
    • Eyebrow tattoos are popular among those looking for a durable alternative to daily makeup.
    • Eyebrow shape and colour significantly impact your appearance, and the right shade can complement your facial features.
    • Factors to consider when choosing eyebrow tattoo colour include your natural brow shade, skin tone, eye colour, and hair colour.
    • Darker tones fade slower than lighter ones, and experts strive to match your natural brow colour for a seamless look.
    • Multiple hues may be used to achieve a three-dimensional effect.
    • The final pigment colour combines with your skin pigment, resulting in a unique outcome for each individual.
    • It's normal for tattooed brows to appear darker initially due to healing.
    • Choosing the right tattoo colour involves considering your skin's undertones and how they complement your overall look.
    • Skin undertones, which include cool, warm, and neutral, play a significant role in selecting the ideal eyebrow tattoo ink.
    • Hair colour, from blonde to dark brown or black, influences the appropriate eyebrow shade choice.
    • The eye colour can dictate the best eyebrow tint to make your eyes stand out.
    • Eyebrow tattoos can fade over time, with their longevity affected by factors like age and skin type.
    • Temporary eyebrow tattoos offer a short-term option for trying new looks.
    • Permanent eyebrow tattoos provide a longer-lasting solution for fuller brows.
    • Aftercare is crucial for maintaining the appearance and longevity of eyebrow tattoos.
    • Initial eyebrow tattoo appearance may be darker and thicker, but it will settle into the right shade after healing.
    • A touch-up session may be necessary to perfect the brow shape and colour.
    • Discussing aftercare and touch-up procedures with your technician is essential for optimal results.
    • Understanding your skin's undertone is key to selecting the right eyebrow tattoo shade.
    • Cool undertones pair well with silver jewellery, while warm undertones look better with gold.
    • Neutral skin tones can pull off both cool and warm undertones, making them versatile.
    • People with pink skin undertones should opt for cool eyebrow tints.
    • Olive or yellow undertones are complemented by warm eyebrow shades.
    • For blonde hair, choosing an eyebrow shade close to the base or deepest hair tone is recommended.
    • Brown-haired individuals can go a shade lighter or darker, depending on the desired effect.
    • Those with dark brown or black hair should avoid matching their hair colour exactly to avoid an artificial look.
    • Auburn or red hair pairs well with cool eyebrow tones for a defined look.
    • Warm eye colours like hazel or amber benefit from golden or chocolate undertone brow shades.
    • Cool eye colours such as blue or grey match well with taupe or ash grey eyebrow tints.
    • Hazel eyes, a mix of warm and cool tones, allow for experimentation with different brow shades.
    • The right eyebrow colour can enhance your eye colour and overall appearance.
    • Collaborating with a makeup artist can help you find the perfect brow shade for your eyes.
    • Eyebrow tattoos last 1-3 years before beginning to fade but can last longer with proper care.
    • Temporary tattoos are a great way to experiment with brow looks without commitment.
    • Permanent tattoos offer a durable solution for enhancing eyebrows.
    • New tattoo ink appears darker initially but lightens to the intended shade after healing.
    • Touch-up sessions are important for achieving the desired eyebrow colour and shape.
    • Careful aftercare is necessary to ensure the longevity of eyebrow tattoos.
    • Discuss aftercare and follow-up visits with your technician beforehand.
    • The outcome of an eyebrow tattoo is influenced by individual skin and hair characteristics.
    • The perfect eyebrow tattoo colour can significantly improve your facial aesthetics.
    • Selecting the right eyebrow tattoo shade involves considering multiple personal factors.
    • With careful selection and proper care, eyebrow tattoos can provide long-lasting beauty enhancements.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    To choose the perfect tattoo colour for your brows:

    1. Consider your natural hair colour as a starting point.
    2. Aim for a shade one or two shades lighter or darker than your hair to create a natural look.
    3. Consult a professional tattoo artist who can help you select the most suitable pigment based on your skin tone and hair colour.

    Yes, it is possible to change the colour of your eyebrow tattoo if you are unhappy with the initial choice. However, correcting or adjusting the colour may require additional tattooing sessions. It's essential to work with an experienced artist who can guide you through the process of colour correction.

    When selecting a tattoo colour for your eyebrows, consider your skin undertone, personal style, and the overall look you want to achieve. Cool-toned individuals may opt for ashier or cooler brow shades, while warm-toned individuals may prefer warmer, reddish-brown hues. Always consult with a professional for personalized recommendations.

    Yes, eyebrow tattoo colours can fade over time due to sun exposure, natural skin exfoliation, and lifestyle. To maintain colour vibrancy, it's crucial to use sunscreen on your brows, avoid excessive sun exposure, and follow aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. Periodic touch-up sessions can also help maintain the colour.

    If you have multiple colours in your hair or desire a bolder brow look, you can discuss ombre or combination eyebrow tattoo techniques with your artist. These methods allow for blending different colours or creating a gradient effect, creating a unique and striking eyebrow appearance.

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