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How to Fill in Eyebrows for a Natural Look

Do you spend forever doing your brows? Would you like to find a way to fill in eyebrows naturally and quickly on those busy mornings?

Because your eyes are the window to your soul, your brows are the v chic curtains that fancily frame your face and give it structure. So, it’s important that you don’t sleep on doing them and give them the TLC they deserve. Thankfully: makeup artist and brow wiz Cyndle Komarovski served up 11 easy ways, so you can properly fill-in, feather, create a realistic-looking tail, and more, taking you from brow to br-WOW. Rach’s Cosmetic salon in Mornington is a tattoo and semi permanent make up salon.

There are some people with very light eyebrows, bushy ones, or none at all. Regardless of your brow situation, you can clean them up in a way that makes them appear natural. To do so, fill in your eyebrows using specific techniques, tools, and colours. Having a poor eyebrow wax, going tweezer happy at home, or thinning your brows can leave you with an awkward brow shape.

However, if you already have a great shape and you’re looking to enhance your look, several strokes of colour can bring out your eyes. Light brows tend to disappear, especially when wearing a full face of makeup so that they can be more defined with some colour. You can easily take care of light and sparse areas with pencil, powder, or mousse.

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Thick brows aren’t just for those born with a naturally perfect pair. Pencils and powders work wonders to bridge the gaps, especially if your brows have been over-tweezed, and there’s no time for regrowth. Here, ELLE beauty editor Julie Schott fills in and defines her eyebrows, with simple tips from makeup pro-Nico Guilds.

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Do you spend forever doing your brows? Would you like to find a way to fill in eyebrows naturally and quickly on those busy mornings?

Listen, I’ve tried to do my brows like my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube. Sure, it’s not a problem spending time perfecting them when it’s the weekend. However, I don’t want to spend all that time in the morning when I have to be at work by 8 A.M. I’d instead get them done fast, and I’d rather they look natural.

Luckily, one day I discovered a speedy and easy way to fill in eyebrows naturally on those busy mornings!

There are many different types of brow products out there – pencils, powders, pomades, etc. However, for a fast, easy, and natural-looking brow, I prefer using a brow powder.

In my opinion, brow powder is the easiest to use and the most forgiving if you make a mistake. I like using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow powder, but there’s a ton out there. You just want to find the one that’s the best shade match for your brows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Brow Powder Duo – Dark Brown,NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder, Dark Brown/BrownRimmel Brow This Way Sculpting Kit, Dark Brown, 0.04 Ounce

The next thing you’ll need is an angled eyebrow brush. A lot of eyebrow brushes come with a spoolie on the other end, like this one. However, if yours doesn’t, you can use a clean mascara wand (which is what I use).Duo Eyebrow Brush by Keshima – Angled Brow Brush & SpoolieKOOBA Makeup Angle Eyeliner Kabuki BrushG2PLUS 100 Pack Disposable Eyelash Brush Wands.

If you have dark hair, choose a colour that is a shade or two lighter than the natural colour of your brows. On the other hand, if you have light hair and are deepening your brows, you can opt for a tone that’s a half to one shade darker.

Beginners can try the popular Japonesque Eyebrow Kit, which has all the tools you need to define your eyebrows. If purchasing products individually, consider whether an eyebrow powder, pencil, or mousse would best fit you. When you’re just getting started, it will take some time to learn which one works best for your brows and how to use the product correctly for the best results:

Using the spoolie or clean mascara wand, brush your eyebrow hairs down. You want all your brow hairs to be down for this.

All my eyebrow hairs are brushed down. This is the area you will fill in with your brow powder.

Place a brush along the side of your nose to find where your brows should ideally start.

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Before filling in your brows, use an angled brow brush (also known as a slanted liner brush) to brush your brows upwards. You can also use a spoolie brush, though those are primarily used as a mascara applicator. However, a spoolie works because of its spiralled bristles, which can shape brows and blend in eyebrow filler. After you fill in your brows, you can brush them upward again to blend in color and shape any unruly hairs.

Do not fill in your brows with one single, heavy-handed strike of any product—albeit a pencil, like Revitalash Hi-Def Brow Pencil, or powder, try Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo. Tiny hair-like strokes are the goal here, so you’ll want to use small flicking motions to apply said pencil (or an angled brush dipped in brow powder—you pick the poison, remember?) in the direction your hair grows. 

“Sometimes, people try to fill in their brows when they’re grown out, which is really hard, even for me, because you don’t have that guideline,” says Soto. If it’s been months since you got your brows groomed, getting them waxed or threaded can make the entire filling in the process so much easier—and faster—because the shape will be obvious. The exception: If there are just a few stray hairs, it’s actually easier to see which ones to pluck once the product is already on the brow. That way, you can don’t accidentally pluck a hair that helps the overall shape of the brow.

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Step 2

Angle the brush from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find where your brows should ideally end. “The end of the brow’s point should be at a 45-degree angle from the outside end of the eye,” Guilis says.

Pick up some brow powder with your brush and gently fill in the sparse area of your eyebrow. I like following the direction of the hair.

Your eyebrows will look something like this when you’re done filling them in. Choosing the wrong colour to fill in your brows is another way you can make your brows look “done.” Having trouble finding the perfect shade? Try using two different tones to fill in your brows. For example, if you’re a redhead, use a taupe pencil and then also use an auburn pencil to give your brows natural dimension. Try Maybelline New York Brow Ultra Slim Defining Eyebrow Pencil, which ranges in shades from “Light Blonde” to “Dark Brown.”

Step 3

Brush brows up with a spoolie brush. This helps you “to see the shape you like and to see where they are uneven,” Guilis says.

When it comes to shaping your eyebrows, you want to make sure you get a style that doesn’t look too fake or dramatic. The main thing you want to do is create some shape by using small hair-like strokes. Make sure that the front of your brows aren’t squared off or appear too harsh. You also don’t want to overextend the tail end of your eyebrow, because it draws your face down. Finally, focus on a simple and smooth arch that isn’t over-exaggerated or too pointy.

Once you’re done filling in that area, you’re going to use the spoolie to brush your eyebrow hairs upwards and into place. Voila! Most of the time, that’s all you need, but if you notice any area that needs extra powder now that the brows are in place, go ahead and fill it in.

I ended up using a brow powder that was slightly too warm because I couldn’t find my other powder. However, when you use the correct shade, it will blend in much better with your natural brows. 

This is one of the most important steps to creating natural-looking arches. An easy way to fill in your brows (which also gives your brow that sharp yet still soft beginning) is by drawing a line (at an angle) under your eyebrow at its start with a brow pencil, and then using a spoolie brush to diffuse it up into your brow. However, you have to remember to blend it entirely or else it will be noticeable.

Step 4

Using short dash-like strokes to mimic your natural hairs, softly fill in any sparse areas with a pencil. “Choose the colour that best matches your brows and fill in really lightly, so it’s barely there,” Guilis says. 

Ensure you have a mirror. Whichever method you choose, use a light hand and stray away from using too much product. Don’t press on the skin hard, either. It’s always easier to add colour than it is to remove it. This kind of fine-tuning will allow you to manage your product so that you don’t over-do it on accident. As you’re working on your brows, stand back and look at them from a distance in the mirror. This will help you see if they appear visually balanced and natural.

If you find that the colour you chose is too dark or the wrong tone, it will look like you painted on fake eyebrows, don’t be afraid to ask your salesperson for testers. It’s hard to tell how the product will look on you and your brow hair by simply looking at the tube or colour printed on the package.

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Step 5

Use an angled brush and a similarly coloured pressed powder to define the shape of your brows even more. “The goal is to really have the most even brows, but try not to overfill in the inside corners of the brows or make the endpoints too harsh,” Guilis says

Keep the tail of your brow in check.

Overextending the tail of your brows can create a droopy effect, drawing your face down, making you look sad. Your eyebrows naturally stop at a place that lifts your face up and out, which is what you want to maintain. To measure where the tail of your brow needs to end, place a brow pencil diagonally at your nostrils and line it up with the side of your eye. Where the pencil hits your brow bone is where the end of your eyebrow should end (or can be extended to) without it looking fake.

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Step 6

Brush through brows again with a spoolie to blend out the colour and soften any harsh lines. Mapping out the shape of your brow with a pencil and then not diffusing it can be a total tell-tale sign that they’re, well, drawn on. A fast fix? Create your shape by using tiny, hair-like strokes, regardless of whether you use a pencil, an angled brush topped with brow powder, or a brow mascara, and then use a spoolie to buff out any harsh lines with subtle back and forth motions.

Step 7

Unruly, brushed-up brows are in, as you know (thank you, Glossier, for making them a true thing), so I’m not referring to that type of look. What I am talking about are unshaped brows that, with the help of a little grooming slash shaping, can really give more structure to your face. Don’t have time to see a brow expert? Use your natural brow shape (where most of your brow hair is where your shape lies) and tweeze any strays—these Tweezerman tweezers are cute!—that fall outside of that shape for perfect arches.To set the look and hold the hairs in place, comb through brows with a coloured gel.

Step 8

Dip a fluffy brush in translucent powder and trace around the perimeter of the brows. “This makes [the edges] look sharp and clean,” Guilis explains.

Outlining your brows with highlighter can put too much of a spotlight on your arches. Instead, opt for a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your skin—Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Pro Filt’ r Instant Retouch Concealer has all the skin tone options—to brighten up your brow area.


Perfectly defined brows help to frame your entire face and to bring out your eyes, with or without additional makeup.

If you’re using a powder, get a stiff angled brush. The stiff bristles of the brush are great for control when putting the product on and defining your eyebrow shape. Apply the powder in angles by following the way your hair is growing. 

Those choosing a pencil will find that they’re great for filling in sparse spots. Work their magic by lightly holding the pencil and drawing hair strokes in the sparse areas. You can also use a stiff angled brush here to soften the lines as needed.

When opting for a mousse, you can cover gray brows, instantly deepen hair colour, and provide some holding power. Simply stroke on your brows like you put mascara on your lashes. However, avoid putting multiple coats on your brows.

If you’re using powder or a pencil, you can apply a brow wax, which will keep your brows from smudging. Mousse, however, will dry on its own. A good product like Blinc Eyebrow Mousse won’t flake either. If you discover that your brows are sparse due to stress, aging, or thyroid issues, try testing an eyebrow revitalizer like Talika Lipocils, which can help spur growth. 

Adding a highlight under the arch of the brow is an easy way to add lift to the eye area, but using the wrong colour or formula can take attention away from your eyebrows. “If you’re going to highlight underneath the brow, it needs to be a gentle highlight,” Mally Roncal, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Mally Beauty, tells SELF. “If you are doing a highlight with concealer, it can’t be too white. My general rule is that the concealer should be one shade lighter than your skin tone. Especially if you’re doing a strong highlight on the cheekbone, you don’t want that to compete with the brow bone.”

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