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Eyebrow Wars: Thin Vs Thick

Have you ever seen someone with thick, arched eyebrows and wondered if you could pull off that same shape? Just as we come in all shapes and sizes, so do eyebrows! However, not every eyebrow shape will suit your face. Pull your hair back and examine your features closely; then, follow the guideline below to determine what face shape you have and how to achieve the most appropriate eyebrow shape to complement your face.

What’s the cardinal sin of brows? All together now… “over-plucking”. The rumour is that once they’re gone, they’ll never grow back. And while that *may* be right for some unlucky folk, the good news is, there are tools we can add to our arsenal to give the impression of full luscious, bountiful brows.

Eyebrows can completely change one’s impression of the most familiar of faces. The angle of the arch, the roundness of the lines, the thickness, the spacing between two brows–all of it makes the entire upper half of the face look different. We’ve spoken about how to shape your brows right, at length earlier.

But even then, given the current obsession with bushy and thick brows, we just had to point out this one thing: a heavy brow is not right for every face–especially not the block-like, chunky “Instagram” brow which is common today. Allow us to explain why.

Just ask the celebs. They’ve rebounded from twiglet 90s brows and returned with a brow game as strong as the arches they’re now sporting.Looking for microblading salon? Look no further,Cosmetic Tattoo by Rach got you covered .

Trends come and go, but one thing is for sure: thick eyebrows are in, and they’re here to stay – and for a good reason. A well-groomed brow helps to shape the face and creates a natural appearance. However, not all are all blessed with thick, luscious brows. Some of us have thin or sparse eyebrows and are always looking for ways to make them thicker. It may seem tricky, but it’s way easier than you’d think thanks to our expert guide. Read on to find out how to get thick eyebrows and fill them in naturally.

Not even celebrities are immune from the thick and thin phases of brow trends. We’ve come a long way since the super-skinny arches that were so public in the ’90s and early aughts, and since many of us are still trying to regain the full shape we were born with, we’ve quickly come to learn that eyebrows are the most important feature on your face.

To demonstrate how the proper placement and fill-in method can transform your entire appearance, we’re taking a retrospective look at 13 celebrities who were able to bounce back from the thin, comma shapes of decades past. Please scroll down to see each of their dramatic brow. 

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Thin vs Thick Eyebrows

Just as we are all different shapes and sizes, so are our eyebrows! However, not all eyebrow shapes will suit your face. A poorly shaped eyebrow which is too thick or thin or just over the top can ruin your entire look. If your eyebrows are naturally thick, it can be both a blessing and a curse. Although it might take a little work to shape your brows and keep them looking neat, you will have a naturally full appearance.Check out eyebrow feathering page which has everything you might need near you.

On the other hand, thin eyebrows carry a somewhat softer and more feminine appearance. Though, they can sometimes look unnatural and be harder to groom. No matter which style you choose, it’s important to not deviate too much from your natural brows. After all, the perfect brow shape is the one that goes with your face.

Some have gone the whole hog and called on master micro blades to sketch back in their missing hair strokes (always the guinea pigs, the celebs were doing this way before the technique became mainstream). Others have stuck to a gently-defining tint or acquainted themselves with the legion of game-changing brow products – which, incidentally, we’ve rounded up for you.

Women from all over the world have naturally thick eyebrows that they have been grooming for centuries through different methods of choice. I have Middle Eastern friends who swear by threading because it works better for fine hairs, whereas those who need to get their brows done more frequently go for a wax. I guess it just took high-profile (Caucasian) models like Cara Delevingne flaunting dark, thick brows on the catwalk to convince the Western world that, hey, maybe women don’t have to tweeze their brows into itty-bitty lines of submission every two weeks.

Of course, I can’t say with certainty that models of colour wouldn’t have ever had the same degree of influence, but it certainly seems like an interesting coincidence. It’s frustrating to acknowledge, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that it is wonderful to watch something I once agonized over become a desirable feature. I can’t quite put my finger on the first time someone complimented my eyebrows, but I can tell you that it continues to take me by surprise to this day.

But here’s the ironic thing: At every scroll and tap, Instagram-famous makeup artists like Nikkie Tutorials feature in-depth brow how-tos for their followers, while artists like Sara Roberts tout drugstore brow routines that have no less than seven steps. That’s right, seven steps to achieve the natural-looking eyebrows that scores of women like me used to spend time, pain, and money trying to trim into submission.

Now influencers like Leandra Medine and actresses like Lily Collins are featured by brands and publications for their envy-inducing eyebrows. It could be because soft, thicker eyebrows can make you look more innocent and youthful, or it could just be that one beautiful It-girl rocked them and rocked them well, and that opened the floodgates.

Before and After Image of Eyebrow Tattoo

In some ways, I almost feel like I conned the system. Like, “Haha! Here you all are, dropping your cash on Benefit Brow Zings and Boy Brow, and I finally don’t need to shell out for a trend.” (Confession: I do use Glossier’s Boy Brow in Clear and wholeheartedly recommend it to any person with thick, unruly eyebrows). But it’s a bittersweet triumph. What happens when the powers that be decide it’s no longer hip to have brows like mine again? Do I go back to the tweezing day in and day out or feeling like it’s my most undesirable facial feature?Check out our range of eyebrow feathering services to help with your problems. 

It certainly feels like the reigns are in someone else’s hands, someone on a catwalk or on an editorial team who exerts a lot of control over how much money I spend on products and how some of my natural features are perceived by both myself and others. I feel that it’s wrong to go so far as to say Middle Eastern brows are being appropriated—”appropriation” is a complex idea, and using it incorrectly detracts from actual instances in which this is the case; plus, women from all around the world have thicker natural brows—but it is frustrating to have this particular trend seemingly take off only after earning the approval of the Western world.

And the bigger question: If the style pendulum swings that easily, what kinds of features are girls working to eradicate from their faces and bodies now that will become socially acceptable later on? Maybe it won’t matter, and women will be more comfortable ignoring what’s en vogue in the spirit of what’s natural. But the other possibility is that the beauty and fashion industries will continue to hold those reigns, just as they always have. I’m furrowing my brows at the options either way.

Talk about doing a 180—Stefani’s super-skinny arches during No Doubt’s Return of Saturn era can’t even compete with the full set she has today.

Thin eyebrows vs thick eyebrows. Find pictures of yourself from 5 10 20 years ago to see what your eyebrows looked like. Plus that deep colour looks gorgeous so bold. Power brows are v.

Then try some of these tips to make your eyebrows stand out again. Share on Facebook share. You posted on April 04, 2014, 1533 GMT melissa Jameson.

Many of you guys asked about how I groom my eyebrows, so I decided to make it for you guys. I think you put thick eyebrows in a bad light by showing only natural untamed thick eyebrows. If your eyebrows are naturally thick, it can be both a blessing and a curse.

14 before and after photos that prove good eyebrows can change your entire face. Thin vs thick eyebrows. Thin or thick eyebrows.

Thick or thin does not matter—perfect eyebrows in 3 minutes. Thick eyebrows the anti-aging beauty solution.

How to get big voluminous hair. Nicole always liked arched eyebrows, and she’s still rocking that look. There is no rule to remember.

Now more full and dark her transformation is a perfect example for those struggling with thin brows filling them up a little but staying true to the shape she likes. And how you enhance what you have. Easy tutorial for very thin and sparse brows.

What Eyebrow Shape Suits Me?

Most face shapes fall into one of five categories. They can either be round, square, oval or long, and you should groom your brows to suit your particular shape. After all, your eyebrows add dimension to the face. If you have a round or oval face, we recommend a thicker brow with a slight arch to make your face appear longer. On the other hand, if you have a square-shaped face, you may want to try a less angled brow. Adding some roundness to their shape will soften the protruding angles in your face. If your face is elongated, you might want to try a flattened brow shape, as that horizontal trace will soften your face. A thicker brow will look more natural than a thinner shape.

Oval face

If your cheekbones are defined, and your forehead is wider than your narrow chin, many eyebrow shapes will compliment your face shape. A slight arch in your brow is the perfect compromise. Either a thick or thin brow will work, though a thicker brow is more natural-looking.

Heart face

If your face is similar to an oval shape, except your chin tapers to a prominent point, you may want to try a less arched or angled brow. Adding some roundness to your shape will soften the prominent angles in your face. A thicker brow balances your defined chin more than a thinner brow would.

Square face

If your forehead, cheekbones and jawline are all the same width, with your jawline being quite defined, then you may want to try either a slightly angled brow to balance your face shape, or even a rounder eyebrow shape to soften the defined angles. Opting for a thicker brow also softens your heavier jawline.

Round face

If you have a round face, that is, your face is as wide as it is long and widest at your cheeks, you might want to opt for a high arched brow to create the illusion of a longer face. Either a thicker or thinner eyebrow would work, though a thicker eyebrow is more prominent, balancing your rounded face shape more effectively.

Long face

If your cheekbones, forehead and jawline are all the same width and your face is elongated, you may want to try a flattened brow shape, as that horizontal trace will soften the length of your face. Either a thicker or thinner eyebrow will work, though a thicker, flattened brow is more natural-looking.

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Once you’ve accomplished your perfect brow shape (you may want to get your eyebrows shaped at a salon), be sure to maintain your shape at home by only tweezing stray hairs.

Are Thick Eyebrows Attractive?

It’s safe to say that thick, bold eyebrows are pretty sexy. Celebrities like Cara Delevigne and Lily Collins have proven that there are many upsides to this trend. Bold & well-groomed eyebrows work to frame your face and accentuate your features. Plus, you have so much to work with and can easily get them into your preferred style with some plucking.

However, not all eyebrow shapes will suit your face. Just to let you know, I have thick eyebrows, to begin with. Mine is almost exactly like picture 2 but with no arch because I don’t have time to be messing with my brows.

Boards community central the thin vestibule eyebrows vs thick eyebrows thin eyebrows vs thick eyebrows discussion in the vestibule started by sluttyteerex April 29 2014. Share on Vk Share on Pinterest Share on Pinterest. What matters is how you feel.

We’ve come a long way since the super skinny arches that were so public in the 90s and early aughts, and since many of us are still trying to regain the full shape we were born with we’ve quickly come to learn that eyebrows are the most important feature on your face. Thick eyebrows can look good if the girl has thick hair to match and the facial features for it link they can look very nice. You’d be surprised how light sparse or thin your brows have become.

Once you’ve accomplished your perfect brow shape, you may want to get your eyebrows shaped at a salon, be sure to maintain your shape at home by only tweezing stray hairs—eyebrow tutorial for thick brows. Not even celebrities are immune from the thick and thin phases of brow trends.

How to Pick The Right Eyebrow Colour

Selecting the right brow pencil can be tricky. It’s not just about matching your hair, but also your eye colour and skin tone. Your perfect shade can vary depending on how much brow hair you have. If you have a lot, we recommend trying to match the colour as closely as possible. On the other hand, if you have sparse brows, we think dark-haired women should go one or two shades lighter than their hair colour. As for light-haired ladies, we recommend you go two shades darker than the colour of the hair on your head.Check out eyebrow feathering page which has everything you might need near you.

How to Make Your Eyebrows Even

Although your eyebrows are sisters, not twins, there are things that you can do to make them look even. First, you’ll need to identify any sparse and uneven areas of your brows. Then, with a pencil, use light, upward strokes to fill those areas in. To finish, fill in the tails of your brows for definition.


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