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Which Brow Shape Complements Your Features The Most?

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    Have you ever stood in front of your mirror and pondered the question, "What is it that can make me look glamorous in an instant?" What kind of eye makeup should I use so that my eyes look bigger? Or there is something wrong with my face. What exactly is it? Why don't you give some attention to the shape of your eyebrows? Are they of the appropriate form? Maybe, no. Now that we have that out of the way, how should you shape your eyebrows such that they complement your face? The same is true for brows; not many haircuts will look well on all different types of face shapes. Everyone is aware that there are six different facial shapes, which are as follows: long, round, oval, square, diamond, and heart. Let's have a look at the different brow forms and see which ones work best with your face.

    To begin, the ideal form for your brows is the one that gives you the most assurance whenever you look in the mirror. However, if you want to rearrange your brows but aren't sure where to begin, brow expert and owner of Kelley Baker Brows Kelley Baker provides her recommendations for selecting the correct brow for your particular face shape. Baker will tell you, "You want to keep in mind that we're always trying to make the brows a different form than the face so that the two can work together." Continue reading to find out what Baker recommends for people with your face shape, keeping in mind that your brow form and face shape should complement one another.

    The right eyebrow shape can knock years off your age, and the space in between your brows can completely transform the appearance of your whole face. However, similar to the majority of other aspects of beauty, there is no standard shape or size for eyebrows. Because of this, you should educate yourself on the appropriate eyebrow shape that will look best on you. In the event that you have not yet adopted the trend of microblading, you will need to use the very best tweezers in order to keep the ideal contour of your eyebrows.

    When shaping your eyebrows or trying to make them fuller, there are a number of factors that you need to take into account. Read on to learn how to shape your brows in the most flattering way possible, taking into account the features of your face and eyes. There is no one method that can guarantee you will end up with the ideal brows, despite how straightforward they might appear. In addition to being familiar with the fundamental techniques involved in shaping them, you need also take into account the contours of your own face. If you do that, open your eyes, and draw attention to your best features, you can get away with wearing very little makeup and yet look fantastic.

    According to Sabah Feroz, a professional at the brow bar at Saks Fifth Avenue called blinkbrowbar, face form is just one of the many considerations that go into selecting the ideal shape for one's brows. Rather than relying just on a person's face form, she believes that a person's unique facial features and the structure of their brow bones are more important in determining the ideal brow shape. However, your brows' natural shape can be enhanced to give you the look you've always wanted.

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    Heart-Shaped Faces

    • Cheeks that are broader than the hairline
    • Widow's peak
    • Chin that is concave and pointy.

    Baker suggests the following products for persons who have faces shaped like hearts: "A brow that is either round or has a modest arch works wonderfully. The arch of the brow, which flows with the rest of the face, gives the appearance of a heart."

    A pointy chin is characteristic of someone whose face is formed like a heart. Therefore, if you want to soften the appearance of it, go for a round brow contour. You will have a more natural appearance with a round brow that has a low arch; but, if you have a shorter heart-shaped face, you should ask your beautician to give your brows a sharp arch.

    A gentle arch is ideal for a heart-shaped face since it helps to offset the appearance of a longer chin. When it comes to thickness, you should choose for a form that is fuller. If your face is in the shape of a heart, the broadest area will be your forehead, and your chin will be thin and pointy. If you have the appropriate brows, you may make your forehead look smaller and soften the appearance of your chin.

    We recommend a softly shaped brow with a modest curve for a face that is shaped like a heart. Rounded brows will nicely emphasise the lines of a heart-shaped face. In order to draw attention to the centre of the face, try to keep the length of the lashes shorter and keep them closer together.

    One of the most challenging faces to draw is a heart-shaped one. Because attention is already drawn to your eyes and forehead, you should keep things simple, whether they be straight or rounded, and avoid making them overly weighty. You should make every effort to avoid filling in sparse areas with a brow pencil because doing so will draw attention to your forehead.

    Square-Shaped Faces

    • Width of hairline and jawline are even
    • The face is equally wide and long

    Baker recommends opting for a softer brow if your face is particularly angular and defined, like that of a square. It is recommended that a square-shaped face have its eyebrows made to appear more round in order to soften the appearance of the face.

    Square-jawed beauties have a jawline that is square, which is a highly powerful facial feature. Your jaw and your forehead are the same distance apart, which gives the impression that you have a square face. If you want to project a photo that is more feminine, you need to cultivate a style that gives the impression that your features are lengthened while also giving the impression that they are softer. Experiment with a shape that is circular or has a low, gentle arch with a modest thickness. When it comes to this particular face shape, you don't want to go either too thin or too thick. This will soften your features, which are otherwise quite striking.

    Because it softens and lengthens your face, a high, curved arch is a good choice for those with a square facial shape. Strong and defined, square facial forms are characterised by angular jawlines, straight sides of the face, and straight sides of the cheekbones.

    Maintain an angular shape for your brows so that they do not clash with the shape of your natural face. This will help you look your absolute best. The face is made to appear longer by raising the arch and extending the tail. You may feel that having a rounded brow does not compliment your features, whilst having a flat brow will draw attention to the square shape of your face.

    Choose big brows with a prominent arch if you have a square facial shape. A heavy jawline can be balanced by a brow that is thicker, darker, and has a stronger form. When filling in your brows, emphasis on the arch instead of the angle, as this face shape looks good with both angled and arched brows. Angled brows serve to balance out square faces. The space between your eyes is another necessary factor to consider while crafting the ideal brow. When selecting where the beginning and ending points of your brows should be, you should always keep this in mind.

    Bailey suggests concentrating on the arch of the brow in order to create an appearance that is less boxy for those who have a square facial shape (think Salma Hayek). He argues that by adding more of an angle to that top, it will create the illusion of a longer and more narrow face. Take a measurement with a pencil starting from the side of your nose, going across the middle of your iris, and the result will put you in the direction of the spot on your brow that is naturally the highest. Use this guide to fill in your brows for maximum height.

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    Rectangular Faces

    • Width of hairline and jawline are even
    • The face is longer than it is wide

    If you don't want to draw attention to the long lines on your face, Baker recommends choosing an eyebrow shape that is flat. This will give the impression that your face is shorter. The addition of a very tiny curvature can even give the appearance of roundness to your face.

    If you have a lengthy face, one of your goals should be to make it appear as though it is more round. Avoid having eyebrows that are arched; doing so will simply make your face look longer. Maintain a flat curve for your eyebrows. Flat eyebrows that either have a very tiny downward curvature or none at all tend to shorten the appearance of the length of the face, giving the impression that it is rounder. When considering all of the possible eyebrow forms for a long face, this one is the best option.

    According to Feroz, the greatest way to make your eyes look as though they are closer together is to make the angle at which the brow arch first begins appear more pronounced. Do you need some help in a hurry? Your brows ought to begin in a position that is perpendicular to the inner corner of your eyes. To determine the natural space that exists between your brows, position your finger such that it is in the middle of your nose bridge. This will give you an accurate reading. If there is a significant space here, the eyes will appear to be even more apart rather than balanced. It will give the face a bit more dimension and draw attention to the centre of the face if you visually bring them closer together.

    A face shape that is oblong, long, or rectangular shares many traits with a face shape that is square. Your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline will all be around the same breadth, and your chin will have very little curve. For the best-looking eyebrows, make the tail longer and the front hairs closer together. This will produce the appearance of a wider forehead. Your inherent features would look more accentuated by an angular shape.

    Make an effort to lengthen your brows towards the very end of your face if you have a long face. This will draw objects horizontally, which will help to balance out your features. The principle is the same as in the previous sentence. Your face will appear more balanced if you shape your brows so that they are flat.

    Pay particular attention to the point at which the brow tapers off in order to create the illusion of a fuller face on someone with a longer profile. According to Bailey, "a shorter brow will plump out the look of the face and give it the appearance of being more oval." [Citation needed] Try out a glo-minerals Precise Micro Browliner, which looks like an angled pencil. Meanwhile, he warns against using scissors or, even worse, a razor to trim your brows in order to make them shorter, as this kind of precise work can be dangerous. If you have a long face, the easiest approach to flatter it is to have a brow that is straighter and has a moderate arch, which helps widen your face. Avoid having high arches as this will give the appearance that your face is thinner. Should be delegated to trained professionals.

    Round Faces

    • The face is equally long and wide
    • No significant angles and points; chin and rounded jaw

    A face that is round and gentle should have brows that are sharp. According to Baker, "I like to arch a round-faced person's brow to lend dimension to their face." It is important to make your face appear longer in order to avoid having a round face. Make your eyebrows into a high arch. Choose a shape with a softer arch if you find that an acute arch is not to your liking. Avoid having a circular shape for your eyebrows. It will give you a rounder appearance to your face.

    JBenefit Cosmetics' global brow expert Jared Bailey advises a structured brow with slanted arches and extended ends to give a round face a little more depth. This will instantly increase definition and create the appearance of a more oval shape. "Extending the length of the brows a few millimetres beyond their natural form might help slim down a round face," he says. "Extending the brows a millimetre or two beyond their natural contour" Use a micro line pencil, such as Benefit Cosmetics', to get this result. Precisely, My Brow Pencil to create a few hair-like flicks at the end of each brow. This will create a look that is quite convincing.

    Your eyebrows should be cut in a way that creates a high, pointed arch. This will create a vertical point on your face, which will draw attention upward rather than outward. When filling in your brows, begin at the arch and make the colour here a little bit darker than the rest of your brow. Make an effort to form an arch that is as high as you can get it without it being artificial. In addition, style your hair such that the ends point upward; this will make your face appear longer.

    Round faces look best with a structured brow that has angled arches and extended ends. A round face can be given structure by growing out the eyebrows and shaping them into a sharp arch. When your eyebrow arch extends more away from your nose, your face will appear to be wider.

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    Oval-Shaped Faces

    • Face shape looks like an upside-down egg
    • Length is 1.5 times longer than width

    If your face is more oval-shaped, you should consider an angled brow that is a little bit softer than one that would be appropriate for a rounder face. According to Baker, "a brow that is delicate and angled pairs wonderfully with an oval-shaped face." You've got some good fortune on your hands if your face is oval. Many professionals in the field of cosmetics application agree that this is the ideal face shape. A gentle angling is the way to go.

    You can choose an eyebrow shape with a slight arch to add some dimension to your face, but you should never go for an eyebrow shape that is too dramatic. You already have some good features that are sharpened out, and this merely makes a face look sharper; to tell you the truth, it won't be a pretty sight at all!

    Through the use of brow design and contouring, most women strive to achieve the oval face shape seen on celebrities like Julianne Moore and Kate Middleton (and hair cut). "For those of you who were fortunate enough to be born with this face shape," notes Bailey, "it is crucial to make sure that you have the appropriate thickness to your brow." "Your face characteristics should serve as a guidance in this regard. You should strive to develop thicker brows if you have a higher forehead, fuller lips, or larger eyes so that your facial features are in harmony with one another. You should err on the side of a thinner brow if the rest of your facial features have the tendency to be on the more diminutive side."

    The forehead of someone with an oval facial shape isn't all that much broader than the chin. You'll have a rounded chin, and the sides of your face will have a very tiny curvature to them. If you have a face that shapes oval, you can wear almost any brow shape because it will complement your features. You should attempt to avoid making your brows overly angular if you want them to look their best on you. Maintain a gentle tone in the qualities so that they can mirror your face. Consider yourselves fortunate to have an oval face shape, all you people with round faces. The only rule that should be followed is to work with the dimensions of your face to create the shape that is most natural and pleasing to you. Other than that, there are no true laws that apply.

    The key to achieving the best brows and what is commonly referred to as the "ideal face shape" is to make sure that your brows have the optimum thickness. This indicates that you should strive to achieve fuller-looking brows if you have a high forehead, large eyes, and full lips. On the other hand, people who have face characteristics that are more petite might look better with narrower arches.

    Diamond-Shaped Faces

    • Hairline more narrow than cheeks
    • Slightly pointed chin

    According to Baker, a curved or rounded brow shape can assist make the largest region of the face appear less wide, which will result in a more balanced appearance of all of the facial characteristics. If your face is formed like a diamond and your cheekbones are broader and wider than average, you can tone down the prominent characteristics of your face by drawing a curved brow.

    When it comes to attractiveness, having the ideal shape is unquestionably a prerequisite; but, how beneficial would having the ideal shape be if we do not properly maintain our eyebrows? The correct thickness and shape can make all the difference, and in order to achieve those goals, you need to have the appropriate grooming from the appropriate individual.

    Have the shape of a diamond on your face? You might try having a curved brow with an inclined arch; this will help to lengthen the region of your face that is the largest. Avoid high arches if you have a face that is formed like a diamond since they have the potential to make your face appear even longer. If you want your brows to seem their most attractive, you can try going for a more flattened contour.

    People who have a pear-shaped face have a jawline that is well defined and that gradually narrows as it approaches the hairline. This face shape is also referred to as a triangle-shaped face. Your natural attractiveness won't be accentuated to its full potential if your brows are overplucked or too thin. Your eyebrows will look their most beautiful if you let them grow out and shape them into an arch. In point of fact, it has the potential to give the impression that the lower part of your face is more narrow.


    There are six different types of facial shapes: heart, long, round, oval, square, and so on. The shape of your brows that makes you feel the most confident is optimal. The greatest tweezers should be used, according to Kelley Baker, to maintain the correct shape of your brows. There is no one technique that can ensure you will have the perfect brows. It's important to consider your individual face's contours.

    You may make your forehead appear smaller and soften the look of your chin if you have the right kind of brows. If your face is extremely square-shaped or angular, Baker advises choosing a softer brow. For a heart-shaped face, we advise a softly curved brow with a moderate arch. A square jawline is a very strong facial feature that is present in square-jawed beauties. If your face is square, go for brows that are thick and have a strong arch.

    A thicker, darker, and more defined brow helps counteract a prominent jawline. Put more emphasis on the arch of your brows when filling them in than the angle. The simplest way to widen your face and flatter a long face is to have brows that are straighter and have a slight arch. A shorter brow, in Bailey's opinion, will round out the aspect of the face and make it appear more oval. By spreading out and creating a strong arch in the eyebrows, a round face can be given structure.

    Make an effort to create an eyebrow arch that is as high as possible without seeming unnatural. Your face will appear wider if your brow arch is more pronounced away from your nose. You should think about an angled brow that is a little bit softer than one that would be suitable for a rounder face if your face is more oval-shaped. The best strategy is mild angling. If your lips are larger or your forehead is higher, you should work to grow thicker brows.

    Make sure your brows are the appropriate thickness if you want to have the nicest brows and what is sometimes referred to as the "ideal face shape." If your face is shaped like a diamond and you have wide cheekbones, you can make your face look less prominent by drawing a curved brow. A well-defined jawline that gradually gets narrower as it gets closer to the hairline characterises people with pear-shaped faces. If your brows are thin or overplucked, your inherent attractiveness won't be brought out to its full potential. Allowing your brows to fill out and take on an arch will make them look their most attractive.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Brow Shape

    Oval Face Shape, Since you already have the most coveted face shape, a soft brow with a shallow arch is most flattering; it will maintain the natural balance of your face.

    A gentle angled brow could really accentuate those big, round eyes. Almond-shaped eyes tend to benefit from round brows and straight-shaped brows. The rounded brows will balance out the almond shape and soften your features.

    "People with thin eyebrows—even if they started out with naturally thick eyebrows that became thin from tweezing and waxing—affects self-confidence. Or, if you just have naturally thin eyebrows, you generally have low confidence. But the good side is you're not pushy or overly aggressive," Haner explains.

    "The size of your brow should be in line with the size of your face. If you have a long face you don't want an arched or high set brow as it will make the face look longer. A straight, flat brow on a square face will accentuate the square shape, so if you add in an arch to lift the brow, the face will look softer.

    If your cheekbones, forehead and jawline are all the same width and your face is elongated, you may want to try a flattened brow shape, as that horizontal trace will soften the length of your face. Either a thicker or thinner eyebrow will work, though a thicker, flattened brow is more natural-looking.

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