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Do Dark Eyebrows Age You?

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    Have people ever thought you were older than you actually are? You may enjoy partaking in things that are unmistakably aunt-related, but you most definitely don't look like one, so we're betting that smacked you right in the ego!

    We're here to tell you that your eyebrows might be making you look older, just in case we haven't emphasised the significance of eyebrows enough. We heard rumours about this cunning cause of ageing and made the decision that we had to investigate this unsavoury rumour. In order to find out what eyebrows actually do for your face, we turned to Tonya Crooks. Up until a few years ago, most of us paid little attention to our eyebrows, but that has all changed. There are now countless brow pencils, kits, and hair removal techniques to select from, but maintaining eyebrows used to simply involve plucking the occasional stray hair out once every two weeks.

    In fact, according to the Guardian, the market for eyebrow products has increased by £6.5 million, proving that eyebrows are unquestionably big business. While it's well known that properly groomed eyebrows can draw attention to your face, untidy eyebrows are a major problem. In fact, if you do it wrong, you may even end up looking older than you actually are, which is something that very few of us would enjoy!

    Look closely at your brows if you're wondering why certain individuals keep adding years to your age. Dark brows were shown to make a person look younger in a study that was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology because humans appear to (subconsciously) correlate distinct contrasts in facial features with youth. Given that eyebrows do tend to pale with age, that makes sense. However, there are still some other aspects of your brows that you could wish to research. Fortunately, you can quickly fix your eyebrow problems with makeup.

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    Do Eyebrows Matter?

    We probably shouldn't have asked a brow specialist if eyebrows truly do make a difference to a person's face, but we did. As expected, she answered, "Absolutely 100% YES!" Crooks used a picture that you may have seen online to support her argument. "A week ago, a friend posted a lovely image of Anne Hathaway on Facebook besides a version of the same image without eyebrows. The difference is startling, says Crooks (and we agree). A fantastic, well-shaped brow also gives off a confident appearance and effectively balances the face, according to Crooks.

    The fronts of your brows, which I adoringly refer to as "sprouts," likewise begin to regress as time passes. They can turn grey or white. Additionally, as the hair ages, it may also lose its lubricating oils, which causes it to become coarser. Your brows will inevitably become a little patchier as you age. Additionally, the eye may appear to be drooping as a result of the tail's tendency to drop. Unfortunately, this also takes place in an uneven manner. Although the tail does descend, some people believe it's due of the side you sleep on. Basically, everything moves south, which is the only direction that matters. As more time passes, the quality of the hair also begins to deteriorate.

    According to a recent study, as people age, facial characteristics like the lips and eyebrows become less noticeable. The authors assert that as a result, individuals consider faces with greater contrast to be younger.

    In the study, which was published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology, researchers looked at pictures of 763 women without makeup and of different skin tones who were between the ages of 20 and 80. A computer software examined the images for facial contrast, which is a measurement of how much the eyes, lips, and brows stand out from the surrounding skin due to changes in colour, lightness, or darkness.

    Older women had less facial contrast than younger women did. As women aged, the difference mostly vanished from the brow and mouth region. We inform you of some frequent brow blunders you can be making when grooming and preserving your brows. Additionally, how to correct them so that you never again develop brow-don'ts

    Using A Shade That Is Too Dark To Fill Them In

    Less is more when it comes to your brows, as it true with so many other cosmetics. Going too black and thick with your brow filler can appear stern and forceful. When applying any colour to your brows, use light, feathery strokes to avoid overdoing it. By doing this, you may build up the intensity very gradually while moving away from the mirror to check your progress.

    Sometimes less is more when it comes to your brows. Too dark and thick, overly drawn brows can give off a harsh, unnatural appearance. Always use short, feathery strokes as a general rule so you can gradually build up the colour. To make sure you haven't overdone it, it is also a good idea to walk back and away from the mirror.

    There is hope for you despite your eyebrow mistake if you forcibly plucked your eyebrows into tiny arches in the 1990s. The founder of The BrowGal and celebrity brow expert Tonya Crooks told Byrdie that there are numerous choices available now for thickening brows. "There are cosmetics that provide the appearance of bigger, fuller brows as well as restorative solutions that aid to restore damaged eyebrows."

    Having sparse, thin brows will make you look older. If you want a different look, brow cosmetics can be the way to go. A product that is excessively dark, however, should be avoided as it can also make you look older. Additionally, you should avoid over-defining your brows " The biggest error I saw is people applying their eyebrow creams too heavily "Registered nurse Megan Studabaker, who runs Finespun Brow Design in Scottsdale, Arizona, offered her opinion to Self. Instead of just covering up with powder, "I suggest to apply products in hair-like strokes since it often becomes smeared and untidy, which isn't creating the professional appearance you are trying to get."

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    Trying To Ignore The Thinning Brows

    The same thing can happen to your eyebrow hair as it gets older, which can make you look more older than you really are. You may hide this by using brow powder to fill in any sparse areas and concentrating on giving your brows their full appearance again.

    Microblading is an option for those who want a solution that is long-lasting. This procedure is very similar to tattooing an eyeliner, except instead of using a thick microblade pen, a very fine microblade pen is used to create a natural-looking brow build-up that can last for up to three years.

    Should you decide to cut into the natural arch of your brows, you run the risk of ending up with a look that is jagged, uneven, and unbalanced. Instead of clipping the borders of the hair, sweep the hair upwards and use a small pair of scissors designed specifically for trimming eyebrow hair to trim the brow hairs that stick out.

    Hold the handle of a make-up brush or a comb with a pointed handle up to the highest point of your nostril, then follow it up to your brow. This will help you determine how long your brow hairs should be. This point should be the beginning of your brow. Hold the handle in one hand and direct it to the side of your nose while angling it such that it cuts through your pupil. This will help you discover your arch. The next step is to slide the handle to the side of your nose, and then angle it such that it reaches the outer corner of your eye. This will tell you where the arch of your brow should terminate.

    No, we have not forgotten about the first issue with light arches, which was that they made you look older. Fixing it is simple given that there is no modification of the shape required. Utilizing a brow crayon is a more cost-effective alternative than going to a salon and having your brows coloured professionally, which is an option that is available to you. It's just going to last for a short while, but you shape your brows every day so who cares? You can build up the colour by swiping it on multiple times to achieve the desired level of intensity.

    Obviously, not all of us are endowed with the ideal base for developing a robust pair of eyebrows, but that shouldn't stop you from trying! There is still a chance for you even if you have a troubled past with the tweezers or if your eyebrows just naturally tend to be on the sparser side. According to Crooks, "there are so many different alternatives for plumping up the brows in today's society." "There are restorative products that help to repair damaged eyebrows or, in addition, a variety of make-makeup products that create the illusion of thicker, fuller brows." or "Eyebrow tattoos." "There are restorative products that help to repair damaged eyebrows or, in addition, a variety of make-makeup products that create the illusion of thicker

    Having Your Eyebrows Remain Uncolored Or White

    It's hilarious because it could very well be true. It's not simply getting older that can cause your eyebrows to become grey or even white, like the actor who won an award for it. According to Eliza Petrescu, brow expert and proprietor of Eliza's Eyes in New York City, who was interviewed by Prevention regarding this topic, "grey or white brows disappear completely from a distance, which makes your features look imbalanced." "Even if the hair on your head is silver or grey hair, I suggest dying your brows a light brown," she continued. "It will make them look more natural." "It will create a frame for your eyes, which will enhance your features and give you the appearance of being younger."

    During the acceptance speech at the Golden Globes in 2020, actor Stellan Skarsgard joked that his eyebrows were the reason his career hadn't progressed as quickly as it could have. "Stellan, I've been in so many movies with you, but I can't place your face in my head!' Milos Forman told me that a number of years ago, and I owe him a debt of gratitude. And I finally put two and two together and understood it was because I lacked eyebrows. Nobody can tell if I'm angry or shocked by my expression, "Skarsgård stated. "For this film [Chernobyl], Daniel Parker made a pair of eyebrows for me," he remarked, ending his idea by holding up his Golden Globe. "For this film, Daniel Parker made a couple of eyebrows for me."

    There is definitely nothing wrong with growing grey, but sadly, for some of us, this means that our eyebrows seem to fade away completely, causing our faces to lose the definition that was previously provided by the brows.

    Make an appointment at your neighbourhood salon for a brow tint if you're looking for a quick and simple approach to counteract those colourless hairs. The operation won't take more than a few minutes, but the results will blow your mind.

    As you get older, not only can your eyebrows thin out and recede, but also, as celebrity brow expert Joey Healy revealed to Coveteur, brow hairs can become "white or grey," much like the hairs on your head. This is a natural part of the ageing process. He followed by noting, "Also, as the hair loses its colour, it might also lose its lubricating oils, which will cause it to become rougher." It's common knowledge that having grey hair is a sign of advancing age, although this has nothing to do with the colour or texture of the hair.

    According to the brow expert Anastasia Soare, owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon, your brows may get "unruly" as you get older in addition to changing colour, becoming coarser, and becoming thinner as you get older. This information was provided to Prevention. It is not recommended, and it is a huge eyebrow mistake, to let your stray grey hairs do their own thing, especially if you do not want to appear older than you are. When chatting to Coveteur, Healy offered the following piece of advice: "Consider tinting the grey out of your brow, should it come in." "Also, invest in a quality set of scissors, such as the Joey Healy Precision Brow Scissor, so that you may trim your brows and get rid of those long hairs,"

    Losing Control Of Your Brows

    While some of us notice our brows getting thinner as we get older, for others, brow hairs might get longer and courser, giving the appearance of droopy eyelids and smaller eyes. To shape your brows into attractive arches, either tweeze at home or go to a service.

    You risk having a jagged, uneven, and imbalanced appearance if you trim your brows' natural arch. Instead of clipping the margins, sweep the hair upwards and snip the brow hairs that protrude using a tiny pair of scissors designed specifically for this purpose.

    Hold a makeup brush handle or a comb with a pointed handle up to the highest point of your nostril, then follow it up to your brow to get a sense of how long your brow hairs should be. Your eyebrow should start here. Hold the handle so it cuts across your pupil and point it to the side of your nose to locate your arch. Then, to establish where your brow should terminate, move the handle to the side of your nose and slant it to reach the outside corner of your eye. According to Hibba Kapil, brow specialist and owner of Hibba NYC, routinely plucking one's eyebrows every day might result in major overplucking. She advises shaping your brows either weekly or every other week because of this. Even if you've taken care to avoid over-plucking, your aged brows may soon discover that weekly or biweekly plucking is too much for them to manage. According to brow expert Joey Healy, "your brows naturally get a little patchier as you age."

    Ramy Rafni, a celebrity brow expert, advises taking a three-month hiatus from tweezing altogether, even though you can conceal sparse brows with makeup. No hairs at all should be plucked, especially at the inner corners of the brows, he told AARP. Take a decent multivitamin, add biotin and zinc, and apply a protein moisturiser serum formulated to promote hair development.

    Any other slightly spooky silhouette, such as tadpole-shaped brows, can make you appear perpetually bewildered and draw attention away from your eyes. By conditioning the follicles, serums like Nouveau Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum can definitely help if you need to regrow eyebrow hairs or thicken what you already have. After you have a natural base for your brows, see a professional about the ideal shape and application technique.

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    Sagging Brows

    A brow that leans down into your earlobes can make your face look droopy and give off an unhappy vibe. Short, feathery hair-like strokes beginning at the base of your brow should be used to initially define the ends of your brows in order to correct this issue. Then, using an eyebrow powder to complete the contour, work backwards towards the bridge of the nose (for a more natural finish). Arched eyebrows frame your face properly and aid in enlarging your eyes. You'll come off as stern and severe if the arches are too pointed and angular.

    Try making your brows straight for a pleasing fix. The absence of arches gives your features a youthful, doll-like stance, a style made popular by Korean women. (Consider the eyebrows you had before you used tweezers to shape them.) Draw a straight line above and under your brows with a brow pencil, conceal your brow arches with concealer, and then sparingly fill them in. Use brow gel to set your brows.

    As you age, it's not a bad idea to evaluate the condition of your arches, just as you should pay close attention to the tails of your eyebrows. Unfortunately, neglecting your eyebrow arches is a mistake that will make you appear older. This is particularly true as you leave your 30s. According to celebrity brow expert Joey Healy, "in your forties, it's more about the arch." "Make sure you have a great, defined arch situated two-thirds of the way out — never in the centre," the author advised. "You might also want to concentrate on using pencils rather than powders because pencils can give you more definition and allow you to make tighter perimeter linework."

    As you reach your fifties and beyond, you should continue to redefine your arches. Healy added to the article, "The older you become, the more arch you want." It combats slackness in other face muscles and opens your eyes. Remember that well-groomed eyebrows may go a long way; several celebrities, including Lady Gaga and Drew Barrymore, have changed their eyebrows to alter their entire appearance.

    Unfilled Eyebrow Tails Will Age You.

    Applying brow gel for more contrast if your brows are thinning might not be sufficient to stop them from making you look older. Your eyebrow tails may require more care because brows also regress with age. According to Eliza Petrescu, brow specialist and proprietor of Eliza's Eyes in New York City, "the tail of the brow is the area that sets off the arch, which makes eyes look youthful and seductive." "Without it, eyes appear weary and droopy."

    You shouldn't begin with brow gel or powder to prevent that appearance. According to celebrity brow expert Joey Healy, who spoke to Man Repeller, "a pencil is the way to go if you have a hole, a gap, a scar, or if you need to physically extend a tail." He said to the publication, "Powder is more boosting, whereas the pencil is more remedial."

    Age-related bald patches are a solid symptom. You can be proudly displaying a set of well-groomed brows when you discover that they are not as dense as you would like them to be. Be extremely delicate when filling in your brows so as not to make things worse. The best option is to lightly dab brow powder onto the exposed regions. Avoid risking tearing off any strands by using moderate pressure.

    Your Brows Don't Match Your Hair.

    Your eyebrows and hair must complement one another to create a coherent look. You wouldn't want bleached blonde eyebrows, for example, if you have jet-black hair. Having said that, it will appear odd if your hair and eyebrows are same. Consider purchasing a brow product that is one or two shades lighter than the colour of your hair. It appears less harsh and more natural in this manner.

    Tips For Shaping Brows As You Age

    "You want more arch as you become older. It helps you to open your eyes and tighten up your other face muscles. Additionally, as you age, you want your brows to have more definition. Definition is frequently described as being slightly richer, darker, or more distinct. Your brows can help define you as you start to seem a little more washed out, just like blush can help revive the vibrancy of an older face. As you age, switch to ashier tones for your brow filler because they tend to seem a little more natural." Participants rated the high contrast face as looking younger than the low contrast face more than 80% of the time.

    This contrast effect will not come as a surprise to anyone who has ever used an Instagram filter on a selfie. But the findings may also help explain why people regularly wear make-makeup to look younger.

    The authors can't be certain that cosmetically darkening features would have the same anti-aging effects as those seen in the study because the study didn't use makeup. But the way we altered the features in the images was quite comparable to what you'd do with make-up, and Richard Russell, a co-author and associate professor of psychology at Gettysburg College, is shocked if you couldn't obtain similar effects. We are aware that as we age, our lips become less red and our eyebrows become lighter, for example. If you so desired, you might conceal these changes with makeup.


    The market for eyebrow products has grown by £6.5 million, demonstrating the undeniable success of the brow. Once every two weeks, the occasional stray hair would need to be plucked off to maintain eyebrows. If you do it incorrectly, you could come off seeming older than you are. According to Crooks, a beautiful, well-shaped brow also exudes confidence and successfully balances the face. The quality of the hair also starts to decline as time goes on.

    We warn you about several grooming mistakes you could make with your brows. Today, there are various solutions for thickening brows. As a general rule, always use short, feathery strokes so you can gradually build up the colour. You run the danger of appearing jagged, uneven, and imbalanced if you choose to cut into the natural arch of your brows. It's less expensive to use a brow crayon than to have your brows professionally coloured.

    There are products for restoring damaged brows or giving the appearance of thicker brows. To increase the color's intensity to the desired level, swipe it on more than once. Like the hairs on your head, brow hairs can turn "white or grey" as you age. As a result, our eyebrows appear to entirely disappear, making our features appear less defined. If you want a quick and easy solution, schedule a brow tint appointment at your local salon.

    As you age, Anastasia Soare, owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills Salon, warns that your brows may become "unruly." Get rid of those lengthy hairs by investing in a good pair of scissors, like the Joey Healy Precision Brow Scissor. If grey begins to appear on your brow, think about tinting it. Take a comb or cosmetic brush handle and raise it to your nostril's highest point. Once you have an idea of how long your brow hairs should be, follow it up to your brow. Consult a professional for advice on the best shape and application method once you have a natural basis for your brows.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Dark Eyebrows

    Study shows women with thick eyebrows may be more attractive to men. Women typically tweeze and wax their eyebrows, but a 2019 study conducted by two Oakland professors found that men are more attracted to women with thicker eyebrows.

    Study shows women with thick eyebrows may be more attractive to men. Women typically tweeze and wax their eyebrows, but a 2019 study conducted by two Oakland professors found that men are more attracted to women with thicker eyebrows.

    Since you already have the most coveted face shape, a soft brow with a shallow arch is most flattering; it will maintain the natural balance of your face.

    Since you already have the most coveted face shape, a soft brow with a shallow arch is most flattering; it will maintain the natural balance of your face.

    If you have black brows and an olive skin tone then darker colours will suit best. But if you want something different, you could try an auburn/warm tinged one like Lush has 'brun' henna. Lighter highlights could work.

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