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Does Eyeliner Make Your Eyes Look Smaller?

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    There is a hack for everything related to makeup, including how to create the perfect Cupid's bow, how to reshape your eyebrows, and how to make your eyes appear larger and brighter. There are a few possible explanations for why you are having such difficulty mastering the most recent one. It's possible that you go a little too far with the eyeliner, or that you use way too much of that smouldering dark eyeshadow. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss seven common errors in makeup application that cause the eyes to appear smaller, as well as solutions to these problems.

    In many cases, less is more. When it comes to using makeup to enhance your features, especially the eyes, you may be going too far. Although we are aware that it is simple to get caught up in the idea that more significant is better, it is possible that you are going too far. It is common knowledge that applying eyeliner and mascara is a quick and easy way to give the appearance of having larger eyes. The problem arises when we use them in an incorrect manner or when we use them in excess. Consider avoiding these five common mistakes in your eye makeup application if you want your eyes to appear larger and more prominent.

    Eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and highlighter can make your eyes look larger, alerter, and more significant. The majority of these methods are ones that I discovered on my own over the years by experimenting and making mistakes. When I was a teenager, I made a lot of poor decisions, which ultimately resulted in my eyes appearing to be smaller. I should have known better than to go through the trouble of lining each of my eyes with thick black eyeliner, but alas, I persisted in doing so anyway. When I put on my eye makeup, I almost always follow these steps because I've gotten better at doing it.

    Putting on makeup can be beneficial for a variety of different reasons. Playing around with it can be entertaining, and it enables one to try out a variety of colours and styles for one's appearance. Makeup can, of course, also be used to enhance the natural beauty that already exists in a person. Makeup is there for you if there is any aspect of your appearance that you feel could use some work but you don't want to go through the trouble of undergoing plastic surgery. Want bigger eyes?

    You can create the illusion that the eyes on your lids are larger than they actually are by keeping the liner a little lower than normal, and the stopping-half-way things will prevent them from looking like they are closed in. It is not as dramatic and smoky as going all the way around, but it is a good place to start if you have been having trouble with liner for a while.

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    Skipping The Primer For Eyeshadow Application

    If you have dry skin, a cream primer is the best option. A powder primer is recommended for use by women who have oily skin for better outcomes. Immediately prior to applying coloured eye makeup and liner, apply this base shadow using your fingertips or a small powder brush. Quickly complete this task.

    Because of this technique, your eyeliner will not smudge and your eye shadow won't crease, giving you a wear that is long-lasting and oil-free. It prevents eye makeup from melting by soaking up oils from the skin.

    Applying Black Eyeliner To The Waterline Of Your Eyes

    Depending on the technique you use to apply it and the colour you select, eyeliner can amplify or diminish the appearance of the size of your eyes. If you line your eyes with a dark, inky liner, your eyes will appear smaller than they actually are. Instead, give the impression that your eyes are bright and alert by lining them with a liner in a white or beige colour, such as the IT Cosmetics No-Tug Waterproof Anti-Aging Gel Eyeliner in Highlight. Your eyes will appear to be more open and larger if you wear a light-colored eyeshadow. You are free to make use of black eyeliner; nevertheless, you should avoid applying it to the inner corners of your eyes.

    It is true that using black eyeliner is an excellent approach to make your eyes appear larger, but the lower waterline is a different issue altogether. Keeping that area black might give the appearance that your eyes are squinting, which is especially noticeable if your eyes are on the petite side. The key to brightening the region is to use a nude or white liner on the inner corner of your lower waterline. This will assist you to draw attention to the area. You can apply eyeliner to the outside corner of your lower lashes (but not the waterline), but you should limit its coverage to the outer third of that area.

    One of the most understated and natural-looking looks can be achieved by applying a neutral-toned eyeliner down the bottom lash line. You can achieve a striking contrast by using a white pencil liner, but we recommend using a beige liner instead because it appears more natural and achieves the same result.

    Because the liner doesn't stay very long below the lower waterline – possibly because you blink around 1500 times a day – you should bring it with you everywhere you go and reapply it anytime you go to the restroom.

    Using An Excessive Amount Of Fake Eyelashes

    Do you agree that this is virtually inconceivable? If you are a "fake lash queen," however, using excessive amounts of extensions or piling on strip lashes might give the appearance that your eyelids are overweight. Choose a set that is natural and wispy for a style that will make your eyes look brighter. For a a same personalised look, you can utilise just one eyelash at a time.

    It is best to steer clear of having long, sweeping lashes that are flared out at the corners unless you are wearing fake lashes for a more dramatic effect. Your eyes will seem their most beautiful when you wear false eyelashes that are at their longest point right below the arc of your eyebrows.

    If You Have Few Eyelashes, You Can Skip Applying Mascara.

    Not everyone has thick, lengthy lashes. If they are on the shorter side or sparser than average (or both! ), your beauty blunder may be that you are not coating them in a lengthening mascara. The Lash Blowout Mascara from IT Cosmetics is a product that we like. This enchanted substance, when applied to the eyelids in multiple layers, can completely alter their look.

    We all know that using mascara can make a world of difference to the appearance of our eyes; so, just think how bomb a good pair of false lashes can look. When using fake lashes, it is important to select a style that is complementary to your eye shape. If you have hooded, almond, deep-set eyes, or round you will need a different type of lash than someone who has deep-set eyes. If you don't do this, you run the risk of making your eyes appear more petite. Check out this article for a guide on selecting the ideal lashes for your eyes.

    Avoiding The Practice Of Eyelash Curling

    You might be the type of person who never forgets to put on mascara, but do you curl your lashes before you do so? If not, you are passing up a great opportunity. The eyes appear more awake and alert after being curled properly before applying mascara.

    It is true that having longer eyelashes can make your eyes appear larger, but this effect is only achieved if the eyelashes are also curled upward. It's common for Asian eyelashes to develop in a vertical direction, which might make your eyes look smaller. If you use a lengthening mascara on your lashes without first curling them, this might give the appearance that they are overly thick and throw an even less appealing shadow.

    The eye area will appear more lifted after curling the lashes, which will also reduce the height of the lid and make the outer corners of the eyes appear more turned up. Mascara keeps the curl in place and adds thickness, both of which contribute to a significantly reduced appearance of the lid surface.

    If you are going to be attending a special event, especially one at which pictures will be taken, you might want to try putting some false lashes or a few individual lashes to your natural lashes. False eyelashes have the ability to optically alter the entire eye, as well as conceal the appearance of huge lids, depending on the desired aesthetic. For instance, if you attach a few individual lashes to the centre of your lids, your eyes will appear to be rounder rather than almond-shaped. Eyes will appear to be longer, skinnier, and less round if you add some lashes to the outside corners of the lash line.

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    Using The Wrong Technique For Your Eye Shape When Applying A Smokey Eye

    It takes talent, plenty of practise, and a good deal of patience to get the ideal smokey eye look. When you apply black shadow all over your lid, it can exaggerate certain eye shapes, such as hooded or deep-set eyes, and make your upper lid appear sunken or heavy. Your eyes should appear large, daring, and dramatic when you properly apply smokey eye makeup. Find out how to achieve the ideal smoky eye look for your eyes by reading this guide.

    You should adapt your eyeshadow to the effect you want to achieve, whether it's a natural appearance or a smokey eye, and be sure to define your crease. You may achieve the appearance of no makeup makeup by using a light brown hue in the crease of your eyelid. This will provide the appearance of depth to the eye. To get a natural finish, build up the eyeshadow with a fluffy soft brush at a slow and steady pace (dark lids can make the eyes look smaller).

    Choose an eye shadow in a dark colour and apply it to the furthest edges of your lids using a brush. Blend the colour inwards until it reaches the middle of your eye. You can use any tint as long as it falls within the range of dark and deep colours. There are a few skin tones that look best in earth tones, while others look their best in jewel tones. Try using a shimmering brown or plum colour for a look that is appropriate for the daytime. A seductive look can be achieved using the colour navy blue, gunmetal grey, or smokey black for the evening.

    If you wear darker colours, less light will bounce off the surface of your eyelids, which will give the appearance that your eyes are smaller. Imagine that you are choosing between wearing a ruffled white peasant shirt or a fitted black T-shirt. Which one would you choose? Your body will appear to be smaller because you are wearing the dark shirt. The white shirt is going to draw attention to it, which will make you look overweight.

    If you have large eyelids and want to make them appear smaller, using a dark eye shadow is an essential step. The optical appearance of the eyelid's breadth and height can be reduced by using darker colours, which will shade in the area. Make your eyes appear more awake by applying a shimmering, muted contrast colour in the middle of the lid and extending it out to the inner corner of the eye.

    Applying your makeup in a manner that makes your face appear more lifted is important, regardless of whether you are attempting a smoky eye or simply extending your eyeliner. It is important to keep your eyeliner from going below your lash line, and you should also remove any eyeshadow that has fallen outside of the area where your winged eyeliner will go. If you want a smokey eye, try to limit the use of dark colours to only the outer third of your eyelid so that it does not appear to be too much.

    Using An Eyeliner That Is Not Appropriate For Your Eye Shape

    In a similar vein, when applying eyeliner, you should also take into consideration the contour of your eyes. It is possible for it to diminish the appearance of your eyes if it is excessively thick, if it has an excessively large wing, or if it goes all the way around your eye. You want your eyeliner to be dramatic and draw attention to your eyes. Learn how to apply eyeliner properly with these helpful hints for every eye shape.

    Creating the appearance of larger eyes with wing-tipped eyeliner is another option. It is best to avoid using heavy eyeliner on your upper lid if you have smaller eyes, as this might make them appear even smaller than they already are. Instead, you may create the illusion of a delicate flick by drawing a very thin line above your lashes and then gradually sloping the eyeliner outwards from the outermost third of your lashes. This step is completely discretionary; but, if you have "sleepy" eyes that are droopy or almond-shaped, you will realise that it is of tremendous assistance to you. Eyes that slope downward give the impression that the person looking at you is either exhausted or indifferent.

    Apply liquid eyeliner to the upper lash line using a liquid eyeliner pen (or a liner brush with gel or cream liner) and be sure to extend the colour about a quarter of an inch over the point where your eyelid finishes. Check out the video that's been included above for a straightforward demonstration of the technique that should be used when applying a winged liner. Doing so in words would be very challenging. Emily Susanah, a makeup artist, demonstrates the growth of her "winged eye liner" look and highlights the procedures that she uses to create the ideal wing.

    If You Have Dark Circles Under Your Eyes, You Can Skip The Concealer.

    The darkness that might appear under your eyes as a result of a lack of sleep, chronic stress, or even genetics can make your eyes appear smaller. Concealer, thankfully, is the answer to this seemingly intractable problem. A formulation comparable to the Maybelline New York Super Stays Full Coverage Concealer designed specifically for the under-eye area immediately brightens the eye area and cancels out dark circles.

    Your eyes will appear more awake and alert if you have bright eyes, and bright eyes will also make your eyes appear to be more open. Choose a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone, or if you have dark circles, choose a concealer that has a peach undertone to cancel out any purple undertones. Baking your under-eye area will not only make your eyes appear brighter but will also help prevent your eyeliner from smearing throughout the day. After you have applied your concealer, simply dust a thick application of translucent powder underneath your eyes, and then wait between three and five minutes for it to set. After that, you should clean it with a brush that is both clean and fluffy.

    To put it another way, shadows have a tendency to make things appear more diminutive. There is also the fact that if you even out your skin tone by hiding the area under your eyes, your lower lashes will appear to be in better condition. Before applying a concealer that brightens the area under your eyes, you could want to colour correct your dark circles with a concealer that is deeper and warmer in peach tone.

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    You Shouldn't Be Framing Your Face.

    It is absolutely necessary to keep your eyebrows clean in order to not only bring harmony and balance to your face, but also to draw attention to your eyes. Check out this tutorial to learn how to discover the perfect brow form to complement your unique facial profile. Rather than bringing the tail of your brow down at the end, extend it so that the tip flares out towards your ears. This will help to raise the brow, giving you the appearance of being younger.

    Make Sure You Don't Overlook Your Bottom Lash Line.

    Putting mascara on your lower lashes will not only make your eyes appear larger but will also give you a doe-like appearance: You can achieve a more subtle appearance by applying brown mascara, or if you choose, you can even use coloured mascara. You can further extend your eyes by applying a little eyeliner to the outside corner of your lower lash line. This will help to draw attention to your eyes. Stick to the outside third of your eye, and use a light brown eyeshadow to smoke it out. This will make the eye look broader, whereas sharp lines might make the eyes appear smaller.

    Highlight Like A True Professional.

    It's not just the highlighter that brings out the best in your cheekbones; it's also one of the most effective ways to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Applying it to the brow bone, which will cause your brow to arch upwards, to the inner corners of your eyes, which will cause your eyes to appear more open, and to the exact centre of the lid will cause your eyes to stand out.

    When attempting to make huge eyes appear smaller, the most important thing to keep in mind is to visually reduce the amount of surface area that is covered by the eyeball and the lid. You will notice that the term "visually" is mentioned multiple times in the five phases that are listed below. We are going to go through some shading techniques that might make it appear as though your eyes are much smaller than they actually are.

    Consider the difference between wearing a plain black and white dress and a white peasant dress with pleats in the same way that this visual reduction is being done. Since black absorbs all light and creates the optical illusion of a smaller physique, many people choose to dress in black because it makes them look thinner. When you wear a white dress, your body will look to be wider and heavier than it actually is. By adhering to the same guidelines while applying eye shadow, you can reduce the apparent surface area of large eyes, giving the impression that they are smaller than they actually are.


    When it comes to applying makeup to accentuate your features, the rule of thumb is typically that less is more. Makeup products such as eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and highlighter can amplify the appearance of your eyes, giving the impression that they are more significant and attentive. It is important to remember to avoid making these five frequent errors when applying eye makeup. By keeping the liner a bit lower than usual, you can give the impression that the eyes on your lids are larger than they actually are, which is a very useful trick. If you have dry skin, the ideal primer for you to use is a cream formula.

    When you wear a light-colored makeup, your eyes will appear to be more open and larger than they actually are. If you pile on extra lashes or use an excessive amount of eyeliner, it may give the appearance that your eyelids are overweight. Utilizing a nude or white liner on the inside corner of your lower waterline is an effective strategy for making the area appear brighter. For a look that will make your eyes appear brighter, use a pair that has a natural appearance and is wispy in texture. If you have almond-shaped eyes or eyes that are set deep in your head, you require a different sort of lash than someone with wide-set eyes.

    Before applying mascara, curling your lashes gives the appearance that your eyes are wider open and more attentive. The look of the lid surface is substantially diminished as a direct result of the use of mascara since it maintains the curl and adds thickness at the same time. Your eyes will look larger, more daring, and more dramatic if you wear smoky eye makeup. By reading this lesson, you will learn how to give your eyes the perfect smoky eye look that complements your facial features. Utilizing a dark eye shadow is a crucial step to take if you have large eyelids and want to make them appear as though they are smaller.

    If you want to achieve the look of a smoky eye, attempt to confine the application of dark colours to the outermost third of your eyelid. If you have smaller eyes, you should avoid applying heavy eyeliner on the upper lid of your eye. If it is extremely thick, it may give the appearance of your eyes being smaller than they are, which is not desirable. The Maybelline New York Super Stays Full Coverage Concealer is a product that was developed with the under-eye area in mind specifically. Choose a concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone and apply it as you normally would.

    Maintaining clean eyebrows can not only help provide harmony and balance to your face, but it will also help draw attention to your eyes. So make sure you tidy up those brows! By using eye shadow in a variety of different ways, you may make it seem as though your eyes are smaller than they actually are. The most essential point to keep in mind is to visibly lower the amount of surface area that is covered by the eyeball and the lid. This is the most crucial item to keep in mind. We are going to go through some shading techniques that have the potential to make your eyes appear noticeably smaller than they really are.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Eyeliners

    Concealer can give the illusion of smaller eyes, and there are many reasons why this happens. It's either because you're applying your concealer so close to the lash line, or you're using the wrong shade or formula. Applying an incorrect shade can make your dark circles look grey, making your eyes look smaller.

    Eyeliner can make your eyes look bigger or smaller, depending on how you apply it and what shade you choose. Rimming your eyes in inky black liner makes them look tinier than they actually are.

    Tip #1: Use A Brown Or Colored Eyeliner, Black might be your go-to color when it comes to eyeliner, but using a brown or colored eyeliner can also help make your eyes appear bigger and brighter. For enlarging the appearance of your eyes, choose a colored liner that mimics the natural color of your eyes.

    Apply a flesh-toned or white kajal pencil to the waterline and then follow it up with black kohl beneath the lower lash line. This trick creates an illusion of bigger eyes. This is an off-white shade that adds a subtle glow to your eyes.

    You don't need to draw thick lines and use many eyebrow products to make your eyes look bigger. Brush your eyebrows upwards using a spoolie or a dry tooth brush. This trick can add an instant lift to the eyes and it helps framing the face.

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