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What Are The Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Eyeliner?

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    Your eyes have the potential to be one of the most appealing features on your face. Therefore, the purpose of makeup should be to accentuate your eyes, providing them with definition and impact rather than diminishing their inherent strength. Eyeliner in particular has the power to enliven your eyes when it is applied in the right way. On the other hand, if you use it incorrectly, it has the potential to completely ruin your cosmetic look. Before you reach for your eye pencil or liquid liner, review the following list of things you should and should not do.

    Raise your hand if you've ever poked yourself in the eye with your eyeliner or eyeshadow by accident. (So, that accounts for the vast majority of people.) Even while applying eyeliner is typically a fairly simple process—the fundamental concept being that all you have to do is trace your lash line—there are several unexpectedly difficult components that can cause you to mess up. The ultimate objective is to achieve perfection with liquid liner, which is considered to be part of the in-group in the realm of eye makeup (a.k.a. intimidating and perfect in an Instagram-worthy kind of way). Gel, liquid, and pencil liners may all be turned into works of art if the user is equipped with the appropriate tips. Continue reading to learn the most common errors that you're undoubtedly doing.

    Even though eyeliner was probably one of the first beauty products you ever bought, even after all these years it remains, for some reason, one of the most difficult to apply. Because, in contrast to natural cosmetics such as blush or foundation, eyeliner can go very wrong, very quickly (and I'll be the first to attest to that, considering that my messed-up eyeliner has caused me to be late to work more often than I'd like to confess), and I'll be the first to say that. Having said that, the beauty industry is filled with tips and techniques that will help you apply eyeliner like a pro, and the good news is that most of them aren't that difficult to learn (Eyeliner tattoo)

    Choose a Colour.

    If you simply use black eyeliner, you won't be able to take advantage of the wide variety of shades that can bring out the best in your eyes. For instance, if you want a softer, more understated look, you may go with a shade of brown because it is a less harsh alternative. It is possible to bring out the colour of your eyes by using an eyeliner in a deep jewel tone, such as emerald green or sapphire blue. This can work wonders. Eyeliner in a neutral or white colour applied to the lower lid, on the other hand, helps to illuminate the eye and gives the impression of a more refreshed and awake appearance.

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    Make it last, yes.

    Even though we would love to be able to tell you that there is a magic trick that will keep your eye makeup and eyeliner in place from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, the reality is that at the end of the day, you will still need to reapply and touch it up. When it comes to liner lifespan, waterproof gel liners are typically your best pick, particularly for the bottom lid. This is because waterproof gel liners provide an additional dosage of staying power. Additionally, there is a lower possibility of smearing or running when using them. However, even a product that is waterproof won't be as fresh and powerful as it was when you originally applied it. Therefore, remember to bring your pencils with you and update the line whenever it's necessary. If you are building on a strong base, achieving this goal should not take more than a few seconds. It's a good idea to use blotting papers for your lids since these papers will remove any eye makeup that may have smudged into the creases of your eyelids without affecting the liner that you have applied.

    Make Use Of A Sharp Pencil.

    Don't forget to sharpen your eye pencils. Dull pencils with flat tips won't provide a smooth, accurate application.

    Don't Take An Unsteady Path.

    When it comes to your eye makeup, there is no need to strive for total perfection; nonetheless, there is a thin line that separates elegant from sloppy application. An otherwise attractive appearance can be ruined by eyeliner that is jagged or uneven. The most problematic product is liquid liner since it must be applied with a really steady hand and it can be rather difficult to do it in a smooth manner. Naturally, it also provides a powerful and fluid line, which means there will be plenty of drama. Makeup expert Laura Geller recommends avoiding straining at the outer corners of the eyes when applying liquid liner. This will help the liner stay straight. As soon as you take your finger off the eye, the line will start to seem warped. Additionally, this pulling might cause creases to form over time if it continues. On the other hand, if you are pressed for time or don't have much practise time, you will find that a pencil or gel product is far more forgiving.

    According to Stiles, using a black liner on the lower lash line without also applying liner to the upper lash line "makes the eye feel imbalanced and bottom-heavy, pushing the eyes down." In addition, if you perspire excessively or rub your eyes frequently throughout the day, you run the risk of ending up looking like one of Marc Jacobs' goth chicks. " Keep the liner on the top of the lid for a look that is more lifted and youthful. If you want to emphasise your bottom lash line, Stiles suggests applying a shade that is a shade lighter than the one you're using on the top of your lashes. She goes on to say that this "will still give you definition, but feels softer and more appealing" to the wearer.

    Don't Be Bottom-Heavy

    When it comes to eyeliner, there is such a thing as applying too much of a good thing, particularly if you are painting too much product on the lower lid. If you go overboard with a thick line under each eye, you risk making your eyes appear smaller as a result of the bottom-heaviness of the look rather than the enhancement it provides. If you choose this path, you will also have a greater risk of developing smudges beneath your eyes. It is best to switch to a lighter liner and a more subdued shade of taupe or light brown rather than the dark and thick liner. Also, stay away from applying liquid liner on your bottom lid because it is simply too thick and will start running down your face by the middle of the day.

    The lining of the waterline is possibly the makeup technique that is least recognised of all time. It is a simple approach to make the eyes appear brighter or to achieve a look that is really exact, but in order to achieve either of those effects, you will need to choose your colours carefully. Stiles is quoted as saying, "I love a dramatic eye, but very often black liner on the waterline may make your eyes look smaller." "I adore a dramatic eye," Instead, Stiles recommends making use of a more muted colour, such as bronze, grey, or bronze, and taupe is his colour of choice. "It still gives you a sexy look without closing up your eyes and making them look smaller," she explains. "It gives you a sultry look without closing up your eyes."

    Avoid Smudges

    When it comes to your eyeliner, the proof is in the pudding in terms of how smudge-resistant it is. Skipping this step in the application of eye makeup is a mistake that is made all too frequently. To prevent your eye makeup from smudging during the day, however, you will need to take preventative measures. Simply applying liner is not enough to solve the problem. To begin, you will want to begin by preparing your lids by brushing them with a powder that is transparent. You should also avoid putting any lotions or creams on the lids of the eyeshadow containers, since doing so can result in a significant amount of smearing. After that, use a matching powder eye makeup to go over the line created by the eyeliner. In addition, to get an even more striking appearance, trace additional liner over the powder to create a double impression. To make the effect linger even longer, moisten the eyeshadow brush with Visine before applying it. Jo Davis serves in the role of artistic director of Trucco Cosmetic.

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    Cat-Eye Sketch With Closed Eyes

    The problem with drawing cat eyes is that even if you get them right on both eyes, you'll eventually notice that they're not symmetrical. Positioning has a significant role in this. Solution? Be alert. Stewart claims you can't see the eye's corner crease when it's closed. "An open eye shows where it falls." This will assist maintain your liner even on both sides, provided that your eyes are not slanted in any way.

    Brushing On Liquid Liner (And Failing)

    In the realm of Harry Potter, the wands chose the wizard, and in real life, everyone has a liquid liner applicator that is perfect for them. According to Stewart, "some people fare better with a brush, while others like to use a felt-tipped applicator." "No two people's hands are exactly alike in appearance." If you're serious about having a beautiful cat-eye, she recommends trying out a few different kinds of applicators in order to determine which one you are most comfortable using. Although this may sound time-consuming and costly, it is absolutely necessary in order to achieve the desired effect. Pens with felt tips, such as the Makeup for Ever Ink Liner, are ideal for novices since they provide the greatest amount of control.

    How Should I Properly Apply Bottom Eyeliner?

    If you have ever smudged black eyeliner beneath your eyelids as a teenager, you know how difficult it is. If you do it perfectly, you'll get natural-looking definition that works well alone or with other eye makeup. If you do it wrong, it won't look right.It's as easy as that. Thankfully, applying eyeliner to your lower lid in the correct manner is not difficult; you simply need to approach the task with a little bit more caution than usual. We'll explain to you in detail the proper way to carry out the task. If you have a sharpened liner pencil and follow these tips, you'll soon be an eyeliner pro.


    Maintain a thin and unobtrusive application of eyeliner on the eyelid. The most obvious drawback of using bottom eyeliner is that it has the potential to give the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, which is something that no one likes. The secret to preventing dark circles beneath the eyes is to avoid pressing down too hard when applying eyeliner, so that the line is thin and gentle. This can be accomplished by utilising the side of the tip of the liner pencil.

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    Avoid The Inner Corner When Lining The Eye.

    Using a black liner in the inner corner of the eye has the effect of "closing" the eye and making it appear smaller, which is the opposite of what you want. Instead, lightly draw a gentle line right below your bottom lashes to keep the area light. This will give you the definition you want without changing the size of your eyes.

    Inside Rim Lining

    Waterline eyeliner has been fashionable in recent years. Avoid doing this, especially on the lower lash line. It makes your eyes look darker and smaller, and it can cause infection, irritation, and pain.

    Blending Carefully

    To make the liner look natural rather than harsh, mix it into the lash line and at the edges. However, if you blend the liner too much, it may leave a greyish shadow around the area, which may again contribute to the illusion of dark circles. If blending makes your eyes look dull, stop and tidy up. Upwards and laterally.

    Clean After

    Yes, without a doubt. A heavy, smudged eyeliner that goes too far down past the lash line can make you appear exhausted and worse for the wear, rather than bushy-tailed and bright-eyed. Cleansing the region with a Q-tip that has been dipped in makeup remover will make your eyes shine out the way you want them to. This means that people will ask you how to achieve the same appearance, rather than if you've been up all night.

    The Benefits of Wearing Eyeliner Below the Eye

    Lower lash line eyeliner can brighten the eyes, create a seductive, dramatic smoky appearance, or enhance definition. On the other hand, if it is done to excess, this style can create the impression that the eye is puffy and sagging.

    To Make One's Vision More Clear

    Choose a white or light peach liner and line either underneath the lashes or, if you are comfortable doing so, the waterline of the eyes to create the appearance of whites of the eyes that are farther stretched or of eyes that are more prominent. This will give the appearance that you are more awake and alert. If you are going to line the waterline, you need to be sure that the formula you choose is appropriate for that particular area. In that area, you should never use a liquid liner, and conventional pencil liners might be too harsh. Try a kohl or gel liner.

    For Sexual Allure And Dramatic Effect

    To achieve the smoky eye makeup look with liner, first apply kohl liner to the outer one-third or two-thirds of the lower lash line. Next, smudge the edges of the liner with the deepest shadow colour you used on the upper lid. Utilizing the medium shade to blend the edges of the dark shadow colour out will produce an effect that is even more smudgy and gradient-like.

    To Shed Some Light On The Matter

    Use a pencil liner in a medium brown shade to just brush over the lower lash line, approximately two-thirds of the way in. Smudge the line with the tip of your little finger or a cotton swab to make it less distinct and sharp. If you want to add drama to your eyes without drawing too much attention to them, line the waterline with a dark colour like black, navy, or plum and then delicately smudge it downward into the lashes. The contrast between the dark colour and your whites will make your eyes appear brighter.

    The application of a thick band of colour across the lower lash line is not only ineffective but can also cause the eye to close. If you use a liner that is excessively thick on the bottom, it will create the appearance of baggy bottom lids, which can make your eyes look older. Maintain a reasonably fine line width and apply the majority of the product to the outer corners, gradually decreasing the amount of product as you move one-third or two-thirds of the way in.

    It is absolutely necessary to exercise extreme accuracy when applying eyeliner to the waterline of the lower eyelid. If you smudge your eye makeup too far down, it could have an ageing appearance, and if you don't have the correct tools for applying it to your water line, it could irritate your eyes. It is best not to use liquid liner at all on the bottom lashes since it has the potential to smudge unevenly and create fine lines below the eyes. Additionally, it can make the eyes appear harsh because it is difficult to blend.

    Use a fine, stiff, angled brush to apply gel or powder liner below the bottom lashes. This can be done with either liquid or powder. Begin at the outside corner of the eye, directing the bristles of the brush that are furthest away from the inside edge of the eye, and work your way inward.

    You can use a curved eyeliner brush to apply a gel product to the waterline if that is what you would like to do. Because the handle is tilted, it is much simpler to apply the product precisely where you want it to go. Additionally, it is useful for lining the top lash line. You also have the option of using a standard pencil liner to apply the gel product by first dipping it into the gel and then applying it using the pencil. This will allow you to achieve the precision of the pencil without having to use as much force. It is not suggested that the powder be applied to the waterline.

    Tips to Keep in Mind

    • Always make sure that the heaviest part of the liner is applied towards the corner of the eye.
    • Brightening or defining the lower eye region can be accomplished by wearing liner. It's possible to give your eyes a tremendously alluring appearance if you apply it correctly.
    • Experiment with a variety of colours to determine which ones bring out the most of your eye colour and make them appear the most vibrant.
    • Lining the area surrounding the eyes might give the impression that they are more compact. This impact can be mitigated by leaving the inner corner open, applying a light shadow or pencil there, or a combination of the two.
    • You don't need to use liquid liner on the lower lid.
    • The use of lighter colours might make you appear more alert, while the use of darker colours can truly bring out the sparkle in your eyes.
    • To prevent the kohl liner from smearing, set it with shadow of a similar colour.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Do And Don'ts in Doing Eyeliners

    • DON'T line your whole eye. ...
    • DON'T tight line your waterline on top and bottom. ...
    • DON'T draw a uniformly thick line. ...
    • DON'T pull your skin tight to draw a line. ...
    • DON'T only use jet black eyeliner. ...
    • DON'T apply your eyeliner immediately after applying moisturizer. ...
    • DO tight line your upper lash line.

    I recommend using a liquid eyeliner with a felt tip as it's easier to control and apply with less tugging and pulling of the skin. As we age, the thin skin on our upper eyelids tend to crinkle and many work around this problem by stretching the eyelid during application, which isn't a good idea.

    Adding a sweep of eyeliner is an absolute must when doing eye makeup for mature skin over 60. It adds a beautiful structure to the face and can frame your eyes as the standout features they are. A pencil eyeliner is good for aging eyes because it softens the lash line and makes your fringe look fuller.

    Green eyeliner or purple eyeliner in shades like rich purple or plum help accentuate the green tones in hazel eyes. On the other hand, brown eyeliner in any shade, including metallic copper or bronze, will accentuate brown and gold flecks in hazel eyes.

    Eyeliner color should match with skin tone, but for a dramatic look, choose eyeliner and eyeshadow that contrast or complement each other. Normally, people with brown or hazel eyes have a few more options. Brown-eyed people can try a variety of dark colors, depending on the look they want to achieve.

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